202 + 250.2

Quick question on 250.2 (non DR),

Thinking to add a 250.2 to a 202/200 setup.

  1. Can 202 work with 250.2 without a HiCap ?

  2. Other than a power cord, what cable does a brandnew 250.2 (non DR) come with originally ?

thanks a lot.

Hi, the 250 cannot power a preamp, so you would need a Hicap.
In terms of sound quality, most say that 202/250 is not a good match. Better to go for 282/200. A Hicap is optional for this setup, and you can add the 250 later if you want.
The 250 is supplied with a DIN to XLR cable to connect to the Hicap.

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Thanks Chris,

Can I use 202/200 + 250.2 to biamp my speakers without a HiCap ?


I don’t think so. And even if you could, I wouldn’t. It might give some very odd sounding results. I ran a 200/250.2 for a while. It wasn’t awful as some might make you believe, but changing to a 282 was a much better improvement. I didn’t try 282/200 but I strongly suspect that would be better than 202/250.2. Having said that, if the deal on the 250.2 is good then IMO the 202/HC/250.2 is better than 202/200, so why not? Especially if the 282 is then next intended step. It’s just nowhere near as good as 282/HC/250.

Not without a custom cable. You’d be better off with a better preamp, say a 282 with the 200 and then look to add a HI-Cap

The pre-amp takes heirarchical precedence in the pairing. As such, I would take a NAC282 + NAP200 over a NAC202 + Hicap + NAP250 any day. Save your money and put it towards either source or pre-amp first.

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With a Hicap, you can use 2 outputs to connect to 2 power amps in passive biamp mode. Without the Hicap, I don’t think it’s possible. Personally, I would just add a Hicap and a 282 before changing your power amp.

I forgot to state that the 202 has a NAPSC. Does it make any difference or same ? still need a Hicap regardless of the NAPSC ?


The NAPSC only powers the logic board and switching in the 202 so you’ll still need another power supply if you go the 250 route.

The NAPSC is an optional upgrade for the 202, but the 282 cannot function without one. As James says, the NAPSC does a different job to the Hicap. Welcome to the world of the 4-box amp!

My opinion. The 282 is a quantum leap over the 202. It just opens the door on the music. The 250 is not such a big step up from the 200.



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Thanks everyone. Another question.

Can 552 work with 250.2 without a Hicap ?


Yes - the 552 comes with its own power supply. You’ll need a top flight source to fully appreciate it though.

The Hicap can power a 202 or a 282.
A Supercap can power a 282 or a 252.
Only a 552PS can power a 552, regardless of which power amp you use.

Think I’m right in saying a SC can run a 202 although not many take it up as an option.



Indeed. You could run a headline from a supercap if you wanted but with only 1 rail used it’s a bit under-utilised.

Indeed, but I didn’t bother putting that on my list as I can’t really imagine anyone doing it.

My source now is CDS3/555PS or Ndac/555PS (non DR). Not super good, but good enough for me. CD555 or NDS cost too much to me at least for now.

@ChrisSU @james_n. I think there was a guy on here a little while ago that ended up with 202/SC/250 and reported very highly of it. And of course many Superline users employ a SC.

I guess if you had a 202 and your aim was a 282 or 252 a SC would be good future proofing.



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From the horse’s mouth as it were…

As iconic as it is widely acclaimed, the SuperCap DR is a Naim Audio classic, capable of unlocking staggering performance from the NAC202 and NAC282.

From the Naim site just now.

As a SC is nearly the same price as a 282, I guess it would depend on your aspirations preamp-wise.

For me (with a 202/200) I’m looking just for a HC at some point then I’d consider a 250 if the price was right.