202/250 temporary workaround?

I think I know the answer to this question but will ask in the vain hope someone much better informed than my self will have a clever idea…

Long story short I picked up a new 250 DR today but am awaiting my 282. Part ex’d my 200 in the process so no longer in my possession.

However, in the meantime my HiCap seems to have developed a problem (definitely the HiCap - tested all other outcomes) so I am left with 250DR / 202 and a napsc combination.

Is there anyway I can make this combo work whilst I await the 282 or fixed/new HiCap?

I’ve got a feeling the answers “no”….

You need a functioning Hicap. Sorry!

Also, when your 282 arrives, you will still need the Hicap.

Thought this was the case - bugger.

Thanks all the same!

Are you sure the Hicap is dead? It seems a bit of a coincidence that it happened now. Are you sure the connections are correct?
Unless you have dismantled everything it should simply be a straight swap of the 250 for the 200, each using the lead that is supplied with them.

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Yep sure - it’s brand new DR (again, part ex’d) - should of kept the old one

And yes, it definitely the HiCap, not the Snaic - all tested on someone else’s system

If it’s all via a good dealer, I’d not be surprised if you can borrow a hicap for the time being. Otherwise, a sh flatcap or hicap will get you going. An olive hicap unserviced can be bought for 300 gbp or a bit more.

My dealers sold all of his demos stock and has neither in at the moment…

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Argh! So are the days

Almost tempted to buy another one and have 2 x HC’s on the 282 when it arrives……

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Just checking - if I do buy another HC DR in the meantime then that will enable power to the 202 with Napsc and 250DR?

I can’t find the wiring diagram on Naim for that particular combination.

Yes it will, exactly the same connections as you would use with 202/Hicap/200

Thanks ChrisSU - overnight Hi-Fi maths has justified a nearly new HC DR nearby should be purchased today as this will benefit my 282 with 2 x HC DR when it arrives!

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So, you will have to tell us the difference between one and two HCs on your 282. Once your first HC is working.

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Will do

My dealer spoke to Naim yesterday and they will replace with a new one - although who knows how long that will take with the current backlog!

Not good having a HC that is DOA.
My dealer worked out about 8 months ago the need to buy a lot of stock in covid. He says he never thought he’d be placing orders for 20 off ndx2s in one go!

Does it not power up at all? If so, have you checked whether it’s the IEC inlet fuse?

No, it does power up but getting distortion when put into the 202.

200/202 works fine with just Napsc and have tried an alternate Snaic 5-5 with the same results.

I’d tread carefully. Many people find very little difference from a second hicap; I certainly didn’t on my 82. £1,500 is a lot to risk with no certainty you’ll like the improvement.

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Fair point - I should be able to move a nearly new DR on quite easily though should I see no gain.

That and I don’t want to be hi-fi less for any meaningful amount of time!

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