222 versus unity atom HE?

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If anyone has any experience by comparison of the two devises, i would be interested to hear it.


The 222 has a full analogue preamp which does not digitize the inputs hence if you e.g. have a turntable, that’s a pre for the 222. Purely for streaming using the internal streaming boards the difference isn’t that big but the 222 can be upgraded by a power supply whilst the HE can’t be upgraded by a power supply.

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You can finde answers in this thread:Click here

Garcon (Forum Member) has compared both: Click here

110db from Naim has explained the technical differences here:Click here


I suppose if the 222 doesn’t smoke the Atom HE then Naim has a problem. :slight_smile:


Whatshifi just wrote a review in their magazine about the 222. Interestingly - its not on their site.

Summary; they don’t like the feel of the volume control. They like everything else, and praise it highly.

I think I might agree as I am also not too sure about the feel of the volume control when operated manually , may be a bit too tight? at least to move it off the mark? but then I rarely need to use it.

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