228+300DR First Impressions

After listening for several hours my first impression is that this combo has a very forward sound compared to my SN2

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Hi I’m demoing the 282 with ndx2 and 250, the 282/ndx2 will potentially replace my 272, I already own the 250.

I agree with your view on the 282. Compared to the 272 the system does seem more forward (definitely not laid back ,brighter but I’d hesitate to say harsh, perhaps more detailed) however in my system it’s hard to say whether this is down to the 282 or ndx2.

I have also tried the XPS DR on the 272 which gave significant improvements,I think it will hard to choose between the 282 ndx2 vs XPS DR upgrade, especially with limited space and a desire to keep the box count down and when there’s likely a 272 replacement around the corner🙄

Well of course this comparison has been discussed many times😁. One point the NDX2 really needs a XPS2 or 555 to sound its best.

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Six pack then😀

Yeah that’s what happens I’m afraid!

Definitely hearing significant increase in micro details. Soundstage is much wider and feels more precise. Initially felt it was a bit bright but after a couple days I don’t get that impression.

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Couple of comments:

Audiophile recordings sound amazing
80’s pop music mostly sounds worse than I remember on my SN2

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Is the 282 and 300 new? If so it may take a little time to settle in. If not new, then the “new” presentation you are hearing may require some speaker placement adjustments, tilt, or toe in/out. Also, I have come to realize that I do not like a hicap powering any of my equipment. I chose to use a flatcap for my supernait, and since I upgraded to a supercap on my 282 from a hicap, the harshness or forwardness subsided immediately….for me.

By no means am I suggesting you spend more money, it has been my preference, by you may just not be used to the sound yet. Give it time and make some speaker adjustments maybe.


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Overall I’m pretty happy with the system. I’m already getting a supercap dr but I’m waiting for the dealer. Also picked up a (gulp) 7 meter super lumina speaker cable set. My naca5 is like 50 years old and some of the solder joints aren’t great. Of course I bought it slightly used so I could almost justify the expense. Everything I have was ex demo so used for a couple of years. My setup is sub optimal atm but the new speaker cables will allow me to put the components in two racks side by side vs my 8 foot tall beast. I might even be able to replace the quadrispire svt with Naim frame.

I even shelled out $$$ for super lumina Din-> xlr wires for the amp. Not sure what impact that has. I do know it felt like an even more ridiculously delicate version of the hiline.

I can tell you that the supercap will be a real treat, it will open the soundstage and depth. I did have a bad solder job on some cable once, several strands on one side of each of the 2 cables were not in tact, they were used, provided by dealer at very low cost to get me going on my first kit. After the proper repair, it did make a difference. The bend in the cable at the amp side just gave way to repeated movement of kit in demo room I think. Cables may help you at this point also.

Good luck and enjoy.


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That’s because the 80s pop music does sound inherently nasty… :slightly_smiling_face:


Donald doesn’t approve.

That was jazz, I think!

(Mediumly popular jazzy rock…)

Ok, I’ll give you 50% right :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Donald Fagen was one of the two masterminds behind Steely Dan, the seminal jazz-pop band of the '70s.

Excellent album. Ruby is one of my favorites. There is a documentary out there on the making of the AJA album. Interesting stuff on the duo.


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Netflix or Amazon prime, but I think it is on YouTube now.


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Yes, still have a CD of Nightfly somewhere.

and a whole lot of Steely dan…

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