250/282 or xps dr

I have a supernait 3 with an ndx2 and hicap dr in a second system with Wilson Duette 1’s. Thinking of an upgrade to an xps dr on the ndx2 or go up a notch to a 282/250 dr. My guess is the consensus would be to go for the 282/250 combo? the supernait does a great job with the duette’s and it sounds good but see some real good secondhand deals on 282’s and 250 DR’s nowadays. Thanks!

The 282/250 may have a greater impact on sound quality, or at least a more obvious one, but in my view that level of amplification, which is considerably more revealing than a Supernait, needs a better source that a bare NDX2. So I would go for the XPS first.


Actually, I would think the NDX2 would be just fine with a 282/250(?)

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FWIW - I added a XPS DR to my NDX 2 with a SN 2 and I found it to be a fabulous uplift in the music. Next came a HiCapDR. Later on added a NAC 282 to the SN 2 and a short time later a NAP 250 replaced the SN 2.

The upgrades were incremental across time and the process worked for me and within my budget. My lastest upgrade was replacing the HiCap DR with a SuperCap DR a few months ago.

Good luck with your decision and enjoy the journey!


?? new classic P/S on the NDX2 with appropriate cable. This would facilitate future upgrades??

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There are no terrible options here.

I never went for a 282, but my olive 82 performed like a 282 before I got a 52 in Wimbledon and shipped the 82 (plus other boxes) to Tasmania.

Before shipping we did a lot of comparing boxes and combinations. That included ND5XS2 versus NDX2, with and without XPSDR, into 82 (with 1 Hicap, 2 Hicaps or a Supercap) and into 52 (with Supercap).

We also compared those sources to CDS2, Core and LP12.

My conclusion is that the NDX2 is good enough to sound very good into 82/250, and to show the difference between the PS options.

Adding the XPSDR is a very worthwhile upgrade if using the 52/SC, but less obvious if ‘only’ using the 82.

I may get a cheap nDAC for Tasmania, but for now the ears report that ND5XS2/ 82/ Hicap/250 is a pretty balanced system.

The NDX2 is clearly better than ND5XS2 if using the 82, if not that dramatically so. Via the 52, we all thought the difference was more obvious - just as NDX2 with or without XPSDR.

Given all that, I’d stay stick to source first most of the time, but in this case I’d definitely go for the 282/HC/ 250 with a naked NDX2. Mind you, I reckon that you’ll have the PS (and possibly an even better preamp) within a few years.


I found my NDX2 a bit lacking with 282/250, so I’m sticking to my opinion that it really does need an XPS to hold its own - or a DAC upgrade of course, which was my preferred option, but for me it’s just so much more engaging with an XPSDR. In fact, even with a 202/200 I would add an XPS before moving to a 282.


Thanks all. I should also just take the 555PS DR out of the main system and see how that sounds on the ndx2. Probably open up another can of worms but maybe not. I’ve read the 555 was good but not extremely better than the xps DR.


If you have other sources connected I’d go 282 for improvements across the board. The 250 ought to drive your speakers better as well. You’ve got to have a listen really.

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