250>300 (happening) 282>252 (?) Superline Configuration (?)


I know we’ve been around this stuff many times but I’ve made a decision on one change and would now like the combined wisdom of the forum with regard to another.

System in profile but after some deliberation (high end integrated DAC etc) I’ve decided to stay with my “classic” system and the Xerxes (possible arm change at some point) and my Titan 505s, and until the laser dies and can’t be repaired the CDS3 as well (so many folks regret moving them on).

So subject to closing the trade-in on the 250 an ex demo pristine 300 will shortly be arriving. This is, as brilliant as the 250 is, a complete no brainer, better at lower volumes, grip, definition etc, pairs superbly with the 282, 252 and 552. Further the 505s were “voiced” with the 300 so I can’t lose.

But then there is also the opportunity of a new boxed 252. This is less straightforward. We’ve all read loads on 282 vs 252 and I’ve previously described it as the 282 being visceral and the 252 mature but neither exclusively so, so I shouldn’t need to further discuss. However, I’ve hitherto said I’d skip the 252 for a used 552 obviously subject to funding but the 252 has an appeal. Despite the obvious benefits of the 552 I’m increasingly listening to classical music and I imagine that the analytical capabilities, timbres etc of the 252 would provide an enhanced listening experience, and simply we know the 252 fully exploits the SC capability (all the rails I understand). So specifically, and as Naim move us to the 300 series for one last time, those that have gone 282>252 tell me the truth, did you miss the dynamics of the former and pander for a 552, or was the 252 just so organic (other adjectives are available) such that you just played more and more music?

And there’s more! I currently power my Superline with a HC(DR). The Superline remains even with a possible arm change with a Dynavector cartridge because I have Z Foil plug which really gives that all important synergy and timing. Previously I have tried disconnecting the HC and powering the SL off the 282 and frankly it was hard, almost impossible to decide, with the HC the sound was fuller and more dynamic but from the 282/SC slightly more refined? I know the optimum is a further SC dedicated to the SL but that’s not an option! In using the 282 or 252 am I compromising the performance that would effect the music from the Nat 05 or CDS3? So again those have really tried both options what is your experience?

Thanks as ever for reading guys, I know I’m covering old ground but I need to conclude on all of this and would really appreciate views, experiences and advice.

Best regards and of course continue to enjoy your music.


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If you use a 252 the Aux2 sends a dedicated power rail from SuperCap to a phono stage. No need for a Hicap.

We use this with a lowly Stageline N and it sounds great.


Per my private message i went from a Nova/250dr to a Nova 300 dr…….much better grip on the pmc 25.26 speakers. I then demoed 282 versus 252…….the 282 is a bit more lively, perhaps uncouth at times whereas the 252 was more refined.
When the ND555 came out i purchased it with the 252/Supercap to go with the 300 dr. No regrets on the 252 or 300…….great combo……go for it, you only live once…….you have had it tough, treat yourself🙏


I compared 82 and 52, so a very similar question but not the same one. The 82 majors on vigour and boogie and all that.

The 52 actually has just as much of those good things, but you don’t notice that in the first few minutes because your attention is drawn first to what is different - more detail, more realistic tone on female vocals, violin or piano, quieter background, much better stereo image.

With the 82, we also used a Hicap to power the Superline. With the 52, we tried that and it was very good. However, after getting the correct Z-foil airplug for the Superline to match my cartridge, we tried again with the comparison. This made very clear that powering the SL with the 52’s Aux 2 powered input is considerably better than using the Hicap and an unpowered input onto the 52.

From various threads here, I have the strong impression that those with 252s have reached exactly the same conclusion.

Getting another Supercap just to power the Superline beats that Aux2 option, but not by that much. Diminishing returns…


I went from 282/HCDR/250.2 to 282/HCDR/300 to 282/SC2/300 to 252/SC2/300 to 252/SC2/300DR in quite quick succession last year (before I made the mistake of selling it all) and I still felt the biggest difference was 282 to 252…it was a wow moment for me. The soundstage just opened out so much and the height and depth was dramatically increased. I likened the 282 (relatively speaking before anyone jumps on me) to listening through a letterbox by comparison. It never felt like I was lacking any of those things with the 282 but once you’ve experienced it there’s no going back. I’d agree with @NickofWimbledon too, I don’t think the 252 lacks much if any of the boogie of the 282, it’s just that the 252 does other stuff better so you don’t notice just that any more
I should just say that all those changes were made with NDX2/XPS2 and Neat Ultimatum MFS speakers in the system, so a level playing field.
I will have a 252 again one day…I will!!!


I response to your SuperLine quandary I have had a couple of them and tried all different ways of powering them and I decided that they do really need a separate PSU. So I’d stick with your HC if I were you. Although the Aux2 route does sound excellent, I felt (and I know others here also think the same) that there is a slight negative effect on the 252’s performance when powering the SL off of its Aux2.
In the end I gave up and went back to a Tom Evans, which is better suited to my preferences and I felt improved on a bare SL powered from my 282, certainly on the areas that are most important to me. It’s not called The Groove for no reason!

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The 252 is an excellent preamp (I know, I’ve owned one for 15 years). But if the opportunity presents itself, wait and go for a used 552. As far as powering the Superline, it’s pretty hard to beat the Aux 2 power option with a 252/552 and it’s one less box.


Lindsay, as you’ve always wanted a 552, it may be an error to look at the 252 just because a good deal has become available. You are too experienced to fall for that old trick. I’d be inclined to do nothing for now, and wait to hear the new 332. It would also make sense to try a NC250 before going for the 300. The NC250 is considered to be a big step up over the 250DR and with the 332 could be a great combo.

If you do go for the 300 I’d give the 252 a miss and wait for a good deal on a 552.


Obviously it depends on what you might have to pay for a s/h 552 but a decent one is likely to be the same, give or take, as a 332/300. When I spoke to my dealer he said that the latter is where he would invest his money (I assume he has heard it!!). Creates a small complication with the Superline if you want to power it from the pre (but not sure that is an issue for you with the HC). I’m kicking the same thoughts around at the moment. Have a session with the 300 series in about 3 weeks. It will be interesting.

It’s hard to argue with the idea that a 552 is the best all-rounder preamp for less than (say) a small Mercedes.

OTOH, bargain 552s turn up - but not many for less than £10K as far as I can see. 252s seem to be findable for less than £3K (if needing a service) or less than £5k (if recent) and there are lots of them.

Of course the real sound-per-£ bargain is to partner a 52 (with a 52 PS or a Supercap) with a 300DR. That’s a big upgrade from 282/HC/250DR and cheap! Of course, I would say that…


My plan was also to wait for a used 552. After 6 months with 282/SCDR/300DR I was finding the sound fatiguing and a good deal on an ex demo 252 presented itself. The cost after moving on the 282 was minor but the upgrade was anything but! Enjoying the 252 so much that it may be all I need. Time will tell.


I’m not sure that price comparison is accurate. A $10k 552 will almost always have a power supply included. A $3k 252 isn’t going to include a Supercap. Therefore, the difference in price between a 252 and a 552 (each with required power supply) is only a few grand.

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You could buy a 252/SCDR on eBay right now for £5k (in the UK) vs. 552DR @£10.5k, and neither of those is particularly uncommon anymore. So it’s more like twice the price.
I appreciate that will vary in other countries though


Everybody thank you. @HungryHalibut all good points but no one has heard the new 300s yet, so we don’t know how they will sound with and without the add on PSU. I’ve heard the 252/300 on many occasions and know it’s a sumptuous sound. In any event will cost considerably more. £12k for the monoblocks, if the 332 really needs the 300 £14k. True enough I’ve always wanted a 552 but this 252 is still sealed in the box and a later change is always possible. And I’m getting the 300 for approx the same price as a new 250.

Thinking time, thanks again guys.




Okay, I’ve not owned any of this equipment so am completely unqualified to advise but isn’t having balance in a system (as well as life) a good thing. The 252’s designed partnering amp is the 300 and as you say the titan 505’s were voiced on 300 so this combo appears not only a great match on paper but you also rate it highly and it’s probably one of the last new units available. Whilst I agree it’s sensible not to rush in but if the price is right - knock yourself out. Carpe diem.



Evening, you know the route I followed in my system, love my 252/300DR and in no way feel short in music, I have always said I think the 300 was the finest £££ or £££ amp in the Naim set up, and to me the the 252 with 300 is the perfect match with a number of source choices

I have looked at 552, but as it stands at the moment with the music my system offers, I am not looking to move to either 552 or 300 series when they land with dealers


This is the way.
Could not have said it better.


I’m going to a “New Classic demo” at a local hi fi shop this coming week . . . I hope to hear new 300’s but who knows.

Lindsey, when I upgraded my Olive system to the Classic range after having a demo of the 282 verses the 252 I much preferred the 252 over 282 and enjoyed my seven years with it. I was very fortunate to get my hands on my dealers ex demo 552 that had hardly been used to to the Covid Lockdown.

The 552 is stunning as it should be given the price differential but the 252 in my system was a superb pre amp.


I’d take anything the dealers say about the New Classic series being “way better” than the old with the proverbial pinch of salt. There’s only so much you can improve an already excellent design. There again, they need to put their kids through college, too…