250DR vs 300DR for my 282

After selling my 202+200, buying a ex-loved 282, and repairing a broken DAC/channel in my CDX2, I have a home demo from a local dealer of a 250DR and a 300DR, this with a NDX2. In the meantime I have also a pair of valve Dinacos S70 turned monoblocks, to mess things a little bit more in my mind (“valve sound”…).
A 250DR would by me first choice, the price would be near 60%, but…
The sound of the 250DR has of course the NAIM signature, PRAT and so on, but is too analytical for my taste, lacks musicallity, the 300DR is very different for the best.
I didn´t have the chance to hear 300DR w/ CDX2 because of the broken channel, only the NDX2. Maybe CDX2 fault ?
I would like to hear your comments on this.
Thks in advance.
My system is CDX2+282+HCDR w/ Dynaudio Countour S3.4, VDH cables

The 300 dr to my ears is a big step up in terms of just about everything, it can be both delicate and powerful, taking control of the speakers. My PMC 25.26 sounded so much better with the 300 dr, than the 250 dr.

Hi Louis,

I think in many ways you answer your question really. I have a 250DR and love it but the 300 is a better performer. And those Dynas like strong articulate amplification.

I think though there are other ways you could improve things. Above the 282/250 level the source components will provide far more resolution and musicality if they are paired with a XPS or 555 PSU.

Good luck,


I changed last month my 272/250DR/PMC25.23 system to 272/300DR/PMC25.23 and I agree with Gazza that it’s a step up. It gave more of everything especially in the soundstage.
I would however find it hard to justify the extra £4K in buying the 300DR. If you have the money buy it.
I thought too it would be a good launch pad later on to upgrade the 272 to a new version if Naim decide on it or go down the NDX/282 route.

i find the 250dr more groovy on my system and room. The 300 dr was a bit overwhelming in my room ( 19m2) with easy driving speakers ( 92 db in 8 ohm).

Ditto (my room is 25m²) French Rooster’s comments. The bass from the 300DR was boomy, overblown and overwhelming. Even when comparing to the 250DR in the dealer’s demo room I found that, whilst the 300 was the better amp in terms of grip and power, it certainly wasn’t anywhere near 100% better. As always, a home demo with your own speakers and source is vital, and then a decision in respect of the law of diminishing returns!

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To clarify things, the Dynaudios are 87db at 4 ohms, and my listening area is 50m2 plus (a atic open space L-shapped all for me).
I have the demo 250DR there now. So its a question of money transfer or return.Or swap it for a 300DR and spend more 50%.
I would like very much to keep the 250dr but im a little disapointed with the ensemble…

Thanks already for the comments.

in your case the 300dr will be well ahead of the 250dr, without hesitation ( big room and not so easy load of speakers).


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