252 and burndy cable

Quick question on burndy cable,

I am in the process of upgrading to 252/SC non DR. Problem is the SC does not come with a burndy cable. Can I use the one from my Ndac/XP2S (non DR) connection as a temporary solution ? Are those two burndy cable exactly same ? Is there a designated name(pin specific) for that SC burndy cable ?

Many thanks.

Existing setup

282(HC X2 DR/non DR one each)/250.2
CDS3/555PS(non DR)
Ndac/XP2S (non DR)

If the burndy doesn’t come with the Supercap it must come with the 252 as I made that jump and didn’t have to buy one separately.

thanks, but the seller needs to keep the burndy for future. I am just wondering if I can use the one from XPS2 ? Are they same ?

and curious to know. Originally, does the Naim burndy come with 252 or SC or both ?


The product page


Says it comes with
NARCOM-4 Remote Control, Burndy, SNAIC

So, from James’s post, if you are buying the 252 it isn’t a complete purchase without the burndy.

Let the seller buy a new one if he needs it !

Absolutely. It’s part of the product. It’s not reasonable for him to say he’s keeping it. If he does that ask for £550 off the price to enable you to buy one from Naim.

He could only use it for another NAC252 (and then only useful for one without a Burndy…). As others here have pointed out, it’s part of the NAC252.

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It’s not clear what ‘the seller’ is selling. If it’s a Supercap it doesn’t come with a Burndy but if it’s a 252 it does.

Thanks for everyone’s response. The seller already discounted the item. That’s why it is not included.

How about Supercap 2 or Supercap DR ? Does it come with the exactly same burndy cable originally ?


Looking at the OP’s system he doesn’t currently own either a 252 or a Supercap but, you are of course right. He could be buying the SC from one seller and the 252 from another. Either way though he should end up with the correct Burndy for them to work together and not need to buy one.

Sounds to me he just needs to ask the seller(s) the right questions :grinning:

To be clear…the Supercap is not supplied with a Burndy. The 252 can only be run with a Supercap and therefore comes supplied with the correct Burndy.

If you are buying the 252 and Supercap from different sellers it is the one with the 252 who should be providing the Burndy. It is effectively part of the preamp.


thanks for your clear answer.

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As I understand it, there are a number of variants on the Naim Burndy…

There are. The 555 Burndy differs from the 300PS with different connectors let alone different wiring, then the 252 Burndy is different again.

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