252 balance

How often do people exercise their balance control? Did mine inadvertently today and was surprised when I set it back that the sound was noticeably better (and it was pretty good before). Is this an issue with it being in one place for a long time (I never touch mine normally) and crud building up?

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I have an NAC52, and I use the RC to switch the balance L to R, then R to L, every so often.

I assume that this keeps the internal switches ‘clean’, but this may be total bullish*t!

Never moved mine, so thanks for the tip.

Hardly ever. Occasionally, just for kicks.

Just as oxide can form on the contact surfaces at the connections, oxide can probably form inside the potentiometer itself if not used so wisely thought I would say.

I have a 252 and moving the balance back and forth seems to make no difference. I also can’t tell a difference with turning the display lights off, and/or doing the record bank mute lock thing either, and people seem to rave about the improvements those bring forth.

Every month or so I power everything down, flip the fuses in the cabinet a few times, then power back up, taking care to follow the correct sequence (power amp is first off / last on), and to leave 20 or 30 seconds between turning on the power supplies. As part of this procedure, I rotate the volume & balance controls back and forth five or six times, all the way to the end stops, while everything’s switched off.

Notwithstanding my baked-in expectation that electronics need a little time to come on song after being switched off, my system always sounds fresher and livelier after I do this. The best analogy I can think of is looking through a window that appears spotless, then cleaning it properly, looking through it again: the difference between “clean” and “really clean.”

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