252 dr?

HI, If I have the 252/SC dr’d what is carried out?

Is it just the Supercap that gets the DR components (plus service) and the 252 a ‘normal’ service?

Correct. :+1:t2:

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as @popeye mentioned Only PSU and AMP can be DR from 250 through the range

I need to look at getting my SC DR at some point in the future

Having owned a 252 for many years in the past, and now 252DR I can say the latter is quite a step-up in terms of openness and ‘life’. It’s the power supply the 252 was waiting for.


thanks for feedback @GraemeH, I was planning to borrow my dealers demo SCDR

plan this year is new speakers and then DR the SC or swap out SC for SCDR which ever is the more cost effective

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