252 - has it been revised since it's launch?

In another thread it was suggested that the 252 has benefited from DR technology. Obviously this will be the case when used with a SC DR but there was some suggestion that the 252 itself was upgraded.
I wasn’t aware that any DR technology was physically sited inside the case of the 252. Has there been any significant upgrade to the 252 unit during it’s production run?

I haven’t heard of there being DR in the case but the power supplies obviously. Nothing to DR in the Pre amps themselves.
My dealer told me having just got a 282 that Naim do make changes/enhancements over the years and don’t denote actual model updates, say 282.2 or 282.3.

Whatever running changes they make during a product life cycle…at service interval you get the update, if its possible.

I think the suggestion, from Simon I believe, related only to the better power supplies.

I think the biggest change was with the introduction of ROHS and the move to lead-free solder and other components. But great pains were taken to ensure that performance was maintained or even improved where possible. Apart from that, and the DR supplies it’s otherwise been unchanged.

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With the 552 I think there was a change I believe in the automation sensitivity… I don’t know if this applied to the 252, I am sure @Richard.Dane can advise if this has triggered a memory and is the case or not.

Indeed, remember the NACs have decoupled power-supplies (Part of Naim’s DNA). The 252 has to be coupled with its SuperCap, and the 552 has to be coupled with its 552PS.
The only difference is the SuperCap offers some other usage modes as well, where as the 552PS doesn’t.
These NAC coupled PSUs have been DR’d with their NACs in mind, and upgraded their corresponding NAC appropriately. It made quite a difference in my opinion to the NACs.

So when you see
252DR it means 252 + SuperCapDR
552DR it means 552 headend + 552PS DR

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Possibly, but Naim would know for sure. I’d imagine though that it’s down to firmware so could be applied to any unit.

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