252. I have been had!

Plus, my standmounts got larger!

Thanks Daren,

The opposite of bright, of course. Not sure I agree it applies to the 252 but now I understand :slightly_smiling_face:


My posts were in reference to the 252 vs the 282 (& not that the 252 is dark sounding in general). How do you feel the 252 compares to the 282 (not sure I’ve ever heard someone say they feel the 252 is brighter then the 282)?

Well it was a very long time ago that I made the upgrade and in the pre-DR era, but I think I heard a clearer and more detailed presentation with more air and better timing. So I’m not agreeing or disagreeing, I’m just saying don’t remember thinking the 252 was less bright.

Like you I found the SupercapDR on the 282 a huge upgrade. However, I found moving to 252 another huge upgrade. It’s massively more involving than the 282. It could be source dependent as mine are different than yours.


300DR? Never heard of it. :grinning:


It’s a mere trifle, highly over-rated…


I’ve yet to find where the Naim upgrade path was not consistent, CD players, streamers, pre amps, and amps. I’ve observed that when people say they “prefer” a 282 over the 252 (or any upgrade really) it’s more likely they’re rationalizing not spending the extra $$. YMMV.

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Worst amp Naim has ever made. That’s what I keep telling myself. Luckily I have no room for it.

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It’s terrible, don’t bother

Yeah the 300 none DR is way better :grin:

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Agreed. I wouldn’t give it rack spa…

Nice to see such agreement for once.
Skip the 300DR. 500 or bust.

Or, in the spirit of this place: Supernait 3 - it’s just as good, really.

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Don’t forget the 252/555/300, apparently the best of all the Naim options…

Ah yes, the 350. Due at the same time as the 272-2!

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You heard it first here :joy::joy::joy:

Since Brexit and the end of the UKs VAT RES scheme, things are complicated, the bottom line these days seems to be that someone somewhere will sting you for tax, and sometimes twice. Unless you are rich or Apple, GE or Airbus etc. you’ll get stuffed.

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The 252DR/300DR are the true descendants of the superb 52/135.

Just add a well-built true NOS-DAC, small, fast speakers and good music.


Are you talking about the DR or non DR SUPERCAP?

I’m one of those that didn’t find a move to a 252 from a 282 to be a step forward (with Supercap and NAP300).

I bought blind as there was a good deal going and, although there were improvements, in the end things just didn’t gel. I eventually realised it wasn’t for me and this led to a slow exodus from the Naim amp upgrade path.

I’d like to hear a 252 again but with a Supercap DR which I suspect would have addressed some of my misgivings with the 252 I had at the time. Although the 252 is clearly a better preamp than the 282, system synergy plays a big part too in the final result.

Audition carefully if planning to make this step.