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Hello all

I’ve just picked up a second hand 252 - it’s in excellent condition and sounds incredible. Given the constraints of the room, speakers etc., I’m already pushing what any sane person might consider reasonable/sensible, but that’s another story. I took a punt and was concerned that I’d spent a load of cash and wouldn’t be able to tell enough of a difference from a 272 but I’m thrilled with it and honestly I think I’m at end game (yeah, I know, everyone says that).

I’m having a bit of trouble with the remote though - it seems a little tempremental. The volume, mute and balance controls work first time every time. To be honest I don’t really need anything else on a day-to-day basis but I’ve noticed for example that the ‘DISP’ and ‘PROG’ buttons don’t always work. They seem to work sometimes, but not consistently. I’m not sure why - I am assuming I should be able to tweak such things whenever.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Am I missing something? Any tips gratefully received…

I have a FLASH, which is very temperamental, and not working currently.

Fortunately, I have a couple of others (Narcom 4, I think), which are nowhere near as stylish, but they do the business.

I take it you have a fresh pair of batteries in the remote ?

Mine is a NARCOM5 I believe, with fresh batteries installed. The inconsistent behaviour persists unfortunately.

We also went from 272 to 252. A big jump, isn’t it!


It’s just so great; more of everything, and I understand what people mean now when they wang on about ‘separation’ etc.

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I’ve got the original Flash with mine but I’ve never used it. Got hold of a Narcom which works fine and is better suited for day to day use. I usually only control the volume with the Sky remote anyway. I don’t recall the Narcom being very expensive.

I am now doubting how fresh my Duracell batteries are, so I will buy new ones in a different shop this afternoon.

Can you definitely get into PROG mode or hit DISP to turn the lights on/off at any time, reliably, every time?

I’m not sure if I’m missing/misunderstanding something; my volume/balance/mute buttons work without fail every time.

You have to hold the button down for a few seconds to get into prog mode. If you are getting into prog it could affect other buttons. I doubt there is anything wrong with the remote - they can be confusing given the buttons are sometimes multi functional.


You may be in the wrong Mode… As @CliveB says…

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Naim instructions

Yes, never had any issues. Sounds like you have a dodgy Narcom if fresh batteries don’t resolve the issue.

Thanks, all for the advice and ideas.

After a little more trial and error it seems that I may have been misunderstanding the manual and the use of the system component keys (possibly switching the remote to CD/other ‘non-pre’ control mode before attempting to enter PROG mode).

It’ll take me a bit longer playing around to confirm(/understand properly!); I’m still not 100% certain this is my issue but given that there is no indication on the remote itself which was the most recently-pressed component button it’s certainly a possibility.

The one other thing I’ve noticed is that when I do get into PROG mode, it’s the balance light that flashes, not the volume (which contradicts the manual). Not one to lose sleep over, just an observation!

That’s nothing compared to some of the errors in other Naim manuals!!!

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Just to wrap this up (I think). Having spent a lot longer getting used to it, I now suspect that I was simply misunderstanding the way the remote works within its different modes. It seems to work in a predictable manner now I get it - thanks for the community assistance!

Take care, and enjoy the music

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