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Quick question on 272/555 PS(non DR),

currently using TIDAL and Macbook optical out into 272, would the following improve sound quality ?

  1. I have an extra 282 at home. Would it be possible to use the 272 pre out RCA into the 282 and improve the sound given that 282 has a better PRE function ?

  2. SPDIF out from 272 to another much better DAC then route the signal back into 282 and get better outcome ?

thanks a lot.

I would go for option 2

Thanks for your reply. Sometimes I really wonder if a streamer is even needed if there’s a good DAC ??

According to Paul McGowan, no streamer is needed if you have a good DAC.

Would audiophiles overcomplicate the setup by having both streamer and DAC, given that DAC does the most important job anyways??

A potential problem for option 2 is that most good DACs do not have a DIN out. For that reason, the Naim DIN connections are not optimized. Not sure if it’s psychological but a RCA connection is always not as good as DIN…

well you do need a good streamer AND a good DAC.

I own an ALLO digione signature, and there is a lot of hype around this product, it did not compare well to a Naim ND5XS2 into a Chord Dave

The reason is also that a good streamer will have good software, there is a lot of tweaking going on at software level that we cannot see, but definitely hear. A DCS streamer into a Chord Dave sounds different than a Naim Streamer. They should not, but they do. The Naim Streamer has a Naim like sound, which I found very strange, but my ears hear this - and like it very much too !

Yes they will both output bit perfect streams also, so I don’t understand why they sound different.

One reason maybe that Naim run the digital clock a very tiny (and this is really small) bit faster than everyone else.

As for Din vs RCA - I used to have these thoughts too… until I tried my first Chord Hugo.

You need a good RCA to DIN cable though - there’s always the Naim lavender one (FANTASTIC CABLE - yes I wrote that in bold to say how good it is) , Hi-line or Superlumina. I used to recommend the Vertere DFI RCA to DIN, but they don’t make that anymore, but the do in the redline range. It’s an excellent choice.

or a Chord Clearway RCA to DIN - but it won’t be as good as a vertere, but then doesn’t cost as much either.

It’s been many years I used Vertere cables, these are really superb.

You should use the line out from the 272 into the 282, not the pre out. Otherwise you will routing the signal through two preamps and two volume controls.

This would work fine as a short term measure but it doesn’t really make sense given the redundancy of the 272 preamp. Even more so if you use the digital out into a separate DAC.

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Is there a source for this?

Some old reviews on stereophile

Not sure which one

Thanks, interesting

As you have a 555PS on the 272 I’m not sure the 282 would be that much better but your ears are probably the best judge of that.

You could try sourcing a naim DAC and using the 555PS on that with 272 as source or trade 272 for an NDX2 and use this with the 282 - assuming you have a power supply for the 282.

What is the rest of your system and do you have multiple sources or just the 272/computers?

+1 on the pre-amp redundancy. Ok in the short term but not something I’d do for long.

If I want to connect the 272 as a streamer to 282 PRE, is RCA (L/R) line out the only way to achieve that ?

I see two 4 pin labeled “Analogue output”. Can I use those two to connect the 272 and 282 ?


The DIN outputs are post preamp, the only line outputs are RCA (or BNC digital but that’s no use into a 282!)

See ChrisSU answer above.

Thanks for your reply. I really want to try connecting the 272 and 282 and see what it sounds like.

Just want to make sure there’s no confusion. Based on my 272/555ps/282/Gustard Dac components, would the following be the most optimal connection method in terms of using TIDAL?

  1. PC TIDAL > USB > Gustard DAC > Balance/DIN into 272’s DIN input > line output RCA into 282


  1. 272 internal TIDAL > BNC(Coxial) out to Gustard DAC > Balance/DIN out into 282

thanks a lot.

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