272/555ps v 282 hicap as a preamp

Having used a 282 with one and two HC DRs and subsequently with a SCDR my experience is that 2 Hicaps is a definite improvement on one and that the SC is a further incremental improvement.
However once you’ve bought the SC, the additional cost of the 252 is almost inconsequential given the significant step change in performance over the 282.


Svetty below has given his personal experience. And currently I have a 282 and 2 HCDRs. And yes, 2 hcs makes a difference over the one in a positive way.
I’ve had a number of chats with my dealer over the benefits of a scdr. He of course will lend me one to try. But, it makes the move too easy to a 252. And that in itself doesn’t always bring happiness to some.
The scdr makes more sense if bought from day one. If I went for a scdr, I’d have sell the 2 hcs.
Each HC has a massively oversized transformer and 2 massive capacitors inside. I don’t know if the SC is at least double the size of the HC in this respect or not. Bit unclear.
Right now I’m more than happy with my 282 and 2 HCDRs. If, I ever made a change it would be for a 552. And that’s unlikely to happen.
My dealer BTW, sees no reason for me to move to a scdr.


It sounds like you have something broken in your system if you’re using a 272/555 for streaming and it doesn’t sound good. If you’re using the 272 as a preamp then of course a 282 will sound better since it’s a more costly stand alone solution. So yeah, you got more boxes and spent more money to improve the sound, that’s the way it works.

Good dealer who didn’t want to take more money from you.

The decision to match the 282 with 1 Hicap, 2 Hicaps or a Supercap DR can be personal. Although I understand that the 282/SCDR may be the best combination in terms of sound quality, I didn’t pursue the upgrade path but chose to stay with the 282/HCDR as I have decided that the 282 is my final endgame preamp. Although the Supercap DR may bring the 282 to greater heights, I do not like the idea of not using the Supercap to its full potential ie. not utilising the Burndy connection on the Supercap. To me, it’s a waste since the Supercap DR is not exactly cheap. For someone who has plans to move up to 252, the 282/SCDR may be a good interim idea.

I have tried powering the 282 with 2 Hicaps but can’t elaborate on it here since 1 is not from Naim. Basically I didn’t like the result. 1 sounded better. For me, the 282/HCDR is good enough for my expectations.

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