272/555ps v 282 hicap as a preamp

As much as i want a 272 upgrade - my dealer says he thinks that ship has sailed.
He was told by Naim 2 years ago to push NDX2 / supernait over 272/250
My plan is to add a ps555 to my 272 - then will likely opt for NDX2 with my spare XPSDR for streamer source.
My gut feel is a 282/hicap will not really improve a 272/555dr ps as a preamp.
The only realistic gain would be a 252 /supercap which sounds superb but a lot of money.

Anyone have experience between these 2?

Frankly it does not look like that at all, they can’t make it much clearer:

I think it’s very reasonable to push NDX2 over 272 two years ago, because pushing a quite outdated model as new on customers would have been very bad service. My dealer refused to sell me one for this reason.

That said, when it will come in these crazy times is totally unforeseeable, so if you want something now or in the foreseeable future, go for it :slight_smile:

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Interesting - i will hang on - not ready to jump yet just spent all my money on a 300DR and Rega p10!
so willing to wait - was really seeing if anyone had views on 272/555ps Dr as a preamp and if they thought 282/hicapdr would be better than that if ever i did get an NDX2.

I do understand. There are lots of existing threads & posts about 272 and 300, and many people love the combination 272/555 with a 300. E.g., an active thread here (and links to some of the older threads are in there; the search function is your friend :slight_smile: )

Regarding a comparison with 282/HCDR, I suppose things have been posted but many members will be eager to jump in :slight_smile:
Much will depend on your streaming needs. If you use local UPnP streaming and/or you are happy with the Tidal support in the 272, it’s still a wonderful thing. If you want Qobuz, Roon, and/or other streaming updates, the NDX2 is a good option (though you can add these things quite cheaply to the 272 with some small extra boxes)

I changed from 272/555 to 282/HCDR. The 272 was my first dabble with streaming which went ok. I was also using a bare CDX2. In my room I just couldn’t get the 272, bare or with the 555ps, to sound right. I demoed a 282/HCDR at home and it easily outperformed the 272 in every way. I then added the 555 to the CDX2 and the 272 was swiftly traded in for the 282.


A 282, HiCap, 250 DR with NDX2 with 555 PS is what to go for over a 272, 555 PS, 250DR.

It will out perform an NDX2 with Supernait 3.

Start without the 555 PS if on a budget. I would buy everything used personally if you can.

An XPSDR added to the NDX2 would be another good option.

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Hi Finkfan

It’s odd that the 272 didn’t sound right in your room.

Generally the 272 is a very good preamp and a very good streamer/DAC/Preamp.

It seems possible that the 272 excited some kind of adverse room mode because of an unlucky match between your room and system?

Or perhaps possibly a problem with your particular 272?

Or perhaps you just much preferred the particular effect of the 282 on SQ in your system?

Did the CDX2 into 272/555DR not sound right in the same way that the 272 as streamer did not sound right?

Hi @JimDog

I can’t put my finger on exactly what is was about the 272. It was more the streaming side I just couldn’t get to sound right. It’s just sounded a little thin I guess and ladling in detail compared to cd. CDX2 into 272 sounded fine. I enjoyed how it all sounded at the dealers. Different room, speakers etc all played their part I guess. I didn’t really want to use both sources so decided to stick with CDX2 and replace the 272. Cd into 282 sounds great. I have recently purchased at 2018 NDS and that is the best source I’ve had and sounds wonderful driven by a 555ps. CDX2 will be looking for a loving new home.


Have you tried your CDX2 into the NDS DAC? Might be an interesting listen before you say goodbye.

Hi @Stu299

Unfortunately I have the earlier model that is analogue output only.

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Probably fortunately rather than unfortunately. Why have a CD player when you’ve got a lovely NDS?

I whacked a fairly lowly CD player (as transport) into my NDS. It sounded better.

I resisted the temptation though and it’s back in the garage.

I must admit @anon4489532 that since having the NDS I’ve not been tempted to spin a cd.
The next question for me would be were to spend the cash from the CDX2 sale?

Upgrade speakers.

Dedicated mains. If you have that already, a better Rega.


Dedicated mains. If you have that already, a better Rega.
Do it

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Dedicated mains was installed a number of years ago. Will look at a Rega upgrade. Thanks gents.

Thanks for all your replies.
I had a 200DR which was not good enough for my Sopra2 - and took the big leap to 300DR - 250dR sounded great but 300DR added real texture to the sound.
I am willing to wait on the 272 replacement for a while - but if not its really the preamp I need to think about with the 300DR as opposed to the steaming component.
Hicap / 282 is probably not right - which means 252 supercap =v expensive.
So super cap + pre loved 282 as an interim OR replace xpsdr with 555dr Ps?
OR another manufacture power supply + 252.

I would try the SupercapDR/282 Combo. It’s excellent with a high end source and a huge lift over the HicapDR.

I went from 272/XPS to 282/HicapDR which was a very good uplift with my LP12.

Adding the SupercapDR was one of those stupid grin “I can’t believe one box can make such a difference” moments.


Out of curiosity- what does the SCDR bring to a 282 that 2x HCDR would not? Aside from future extensibility to power a 252.