272 dropout

Anyone have a clue why my 272 keeps dropping out from my network?
it’s been g’doing this everyday for a week, it’s occasionally happened before, however it’s consistent now and a real pain when using Tidal or local files. Software is up to date.

Is the 272 connected by WIFI or ethernet cable?


Try turning it off at the wall. Then turn your router/modem off at the wall. Wait a few minutes. Turn the router back on. Wait until it’s fully working again then turn the 272 back on.


I find that some ethernet cables can be quite a sloppy fit into the back of the 272. If the green and orange lights are not flashing, make sure the ethernet cable is pushed in with a click and then move it forward and backward until the lights come on. Any movement of the ethernet cable after that may lose the connection to the network.

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