272 ....flac or wav?

Hi guys ,

Love my 272 but Naim app ( despite the last uptades ) never conviced me , so for Tidal and Minimserver I use bubbleserver installed on RPI3
Work perfectly with flac , but the trascode on the fly ( to wav ) intriguing me , rather the streamer seems to like this format ( the sound is different , more controlled and focus ?) …pls. let me know any feedback

I believe its agreed the older streamers do sound better with WAV - albeit straight WAV or transcoded FLAC to WAV.
The guys with the new platform seem more or less agreed it doesn’t make any difference.

I first established when I started streaming that WAV that was better & I ripped & bought in downloads (or converted) in WAV for 5 years.
A while back after Asset introduced software for Synology, I finally had media server software I was happy with so I batch converted all my WAV albums to FLAC. It was both a great HDD space saving & with FLAC “play as WAV”, happy days.


What Mike-B said. Wanted to add that the not-unreasonable explanation is that decompressing the flac puts more load on the processors in the 272, raising their electrical noise level

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The above mirror my experience too. I found transcoding on the fly on my old 272 superior to playing FLAC directly (from Minimserver). With my Atom (and my Auralic streamer) I can hear no difference. I did not compare direct WAV with transcoding on the fly. Using Minim to transcode is a costless upgrade, what’s not to like?



ok…thanks guys

Here another vote for transcoding FLAC to WAV before feeding it to my 272 …

Wich difference in sq ? Soundstage …presentation…?

I don’t know the right words to describe this …

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