272 FM DAb

I have a 272 which has an fm module. I don’t seem to be able to access my local fm stations. Do I need an antenna to hear anything, or will it just improve my audio quality? It’s not a critical feature for me but hoping to verify that it works without purchasing more gear…

There’s an aerial socket on the back. It’s unlikely that you’ll get an acceptable signal, if anything, without at least some sort of aerial attached.

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You definitely need an external antenna. We have a very local (less than 1km) BBC FM & DAB relay here and it’s enough if I poke a wire into the aerial socket, but there is nothing at all otherwise. Same on my 272 as my two SuperUnitis.

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A unique feature of 272 / NDX / SuperUniti2 etc etc is a combined FM / DAB socket.
When getting an aerial make sure you install a dual FM + DAB one. They tend to be really inexpensive (in a range of EUR / GBP 20 or so) and work really well.

Thank you appreciate the suggestion. I’ll give that a try:)

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