272 Hicap Stageline connection

I have just picked up an olive Hicap to replace my Isupply to power my Stageline, would I be right in thinking that it is just a case of like for like with a 4 to 5 pin interconnect replacing the captive cable on the isupply. If this is the case which output to I use on the Hicap?
The rest of the system is 272,Rega P6 with Ania and Allae speakers.
Thanks in advance .Dan

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Welcome Dan. Lovely system you have there.

A 4-5 interconnect is exactly what you need. The 4 pin plug goes into DIN socket 3. Snaic 5 comes out of socket 4. Banded end of Snaic 5 goes at the Stageline end.

The olive HC should be a good upgrade. Please let us know how your records sound now.


Thanks Chris.
All sounding good so far, I’ll give it a couple hours to warm up probably and report back



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