272/Innuos conundrum

My 272 drops from the Naim app from time to time, I now think this only happens when I fire up my Innuos server/hard drive as most listening is via Tidal these days.
So my question is why? There seems to be some conflict between the 272 and Innuos.

Do you have fixed ip addresses on your network, and are these 2 devices set to use the same one?

The 272 is fixed, not sure about the Innuos, will check.

Both have different ip address, should they both be on the same one?

No, each device should always have its own IP address.

When you say that the 272 has a fixed address, presumably you mean that you have reserved an IP address for it on your DHCP server? When you do this it’s important to ensure that the number you choose is within the range used by the server, and that no other device is using that number. For that reason it’s a good idea to ensure that all devices on your network are switched on and visible on the network so that you are not accidentally allocating an address that is already in use.

So not the problem then?

No, never the same one. It was just a guess - if the innous came on the network pinching the same ip address of the 272, it would make the 272 disappear.

I have the same issue with my NDS & Zen Mk 3.

But when the NDS drops from either app (Naim or Sense), my router settings show the NDS is still connected (via ethernet) to the network. Which suggests the root cause is something other than an IP conflict…?

FWIW, toggling between Sense & native in Innuos UPnP settings usually brings the NDS back to life. A more durable solution would be great though.

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My guess is that this is something to do with the fact that Innuos servers have a dedicated Ethernet port for direct connection to a streamer in addition to a regular LAN port. Perhaps the way it manages these ports is an issue? Maybe worth discussing this with Innios support as they are usually very helpful.

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Could be, although I had similar issues with a Mac Mini doing UPnP duties prior to getting the Zen…