272 + Lumin U1 ( mini )

Hi everybody ,

What do you think ( to Qobuzfy ) the 272 ? Found a U1 mini ( 2nd hand) on the market wich has bnc digital out …but is the U1 sound better than 272’ s streamer section ?

To listen to Qobuz on my 272 I use the BubbleUPnP app on a Samsung tablet. In the mean time I like the Bubble app better than the Naim app, especially the volume control is better implemented.
BubbleUPnP: apart from an Android tablet no hardware needed, cost about 3.99 and quality excellent. Installed in 5 minutes, give it a try!

Expensive option to just add Qobuz. There are routed that cost 0 to achieve this.

So you stream Qobuz via wifi (Bubble app ) as render ?

No I don’t use WiFi but a cable connection for the 272. The renderer is the 272. Bubble works just like the Naim app. It is connected via WiFi to the same network as the 272 and my Synology NAS. It makes the connection between Qobuz or Minim server on my NAS.

ok…but the SQ ?

The BubbleUPnP app on a tablet does not influence the SQ. It only connects Qobuz to your 272. The signal goes in my case via a Silent Angel Bonn N8 and Cat5 cable of 8m direct into the 272.
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