272 to 282 connection question

Hi everyone,
Quick question for you - I’m looking to connect my 272 to a 282 and use its streaming capabilities while I save up for an NDX2.
Slightly confused about how to do this.
Having read some earlier posts here, I think I need a 2 RCA to DIN5 (180) cable, which I connect to the line out RCAs of the 272 and the Aux1 DIN socket of the 282.
Is that correct?
Thanks in advance.

Yep - that’ll work and be independent of the 272 volume control.

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I thought to use 272 as a streamer-only into the 282 pre-amp, you need to connect the RCAs to the adjacent ‘Pre-amp out’ sockets on the 272.

The pre-amp out RCAs or the two DIN4 sockets are post 272 volume control outputs. The line Out is the one needed if just using the 272 as a source into another pre-amp as the OP plans to do.

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Many thanks - that’s helped to clarify things.

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