272, Unitcore Server/Servers Edit

Perhaps a trivial question but an irritation.

When I choose a upnp source on my 272 I really only want to see my Uniticore as this is my only store for rips and downloads.

As it stands I am offered a list of my Sonos devices (as IP Addresses and room names) and one of my NAS drives (Time Machine).

The Uniticore is last on the list and a scroll away.

It all works of course but is inconvenient with the one device I want at the bottom.

Does anyone know of a way of editing this list and/or deleting unwanted items?

Hi, this button in the app changes the display size when pressed. Alternatively use the icon to the right to see icon view; again there are 3 size options.
As far as I’m aware, the only way to remove unwanted upnp servers would be to disable them, or create a pair of vlans (virtual lan) so they operate on the other one; neither a trivial change.

Yeah I do use the small icon setting, have to really as there are 9 devices displayed and only one I will use!

I am perhaps asking too much, though when one pays a lot of money for a product, being able to customise a menu doesn’t seem too big a thing to expect. I’m probably being fussy but then why not?

It’s quite likely that many who own this sort of kit will have other devices that are upnp and on the network, so being able to lose them on the app would be a distinct tininess.

But thanks for the response, even if only to confirm what I thought.

It’s a little unusual to have so many UPnP servers on your network that you have to scroll down to find one. I doubt that’s something Naim would have anticipated.
Perhaps you can rename your chosen server so that it appears at the top of the list if it’s alphabetical. I don’t have a Core but I think you can change its name in the app.

Assuming you don’t use the other devices as UPnP servers, perhaps you can disable this option so that they don’t unnecessarily broadcast their availability over your network. I believe Sonos use a very non-standard adaptation of UPnP for their own purposes which maybe doesn’t help in the way they interact with other devices.

Disabling upnp on the Sonos units might stop them talking to each other; don’t know how that all works, but if they’re all listed perhaps it’s needed? No idea.