272 with tube amp and Cornwall IV

Currently own UnitiServe, 250DR, 272. Recently sold Ovator S400 and wanted to play around with horns so I bought Cornwall IV’s. Surprised how well the 250DR does but looking to match them with tube amp.
Is the 272 a versatile enough preamp/DAC match well with low powered tube amp? Anyone tried it?
The 272’s integrated DAC/stream/pre function is really attractive and would alleviate needing all new pieces if I sold it. I also really like the digital volume control implementation and have no interest in going back to Naim preamps with pots. Had enough of that with 282 and 252 back in the day when I had DBL/135 system.

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Naim power amps generally have a lower input impedance the most valve amps so a Naim pre, designed to supply them, will have no trouble giving enough current to keep a valve amp happy. Whether the match sounds any good might depend on a bit of matching of sound characteristics but that’s what demos are for, there should be something out there.

I went the other way - from 272 to 252 to 52/135s.

I couldn’t be happier - with each step a delightful upgrade!

But each listener will find his own happy place.

Honestly, 272 into a nice valve amp into Cornwalls sounds like a great idea.

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The 272 is a very well put-together device. the streamer/dac/pre combo is so nice and compact.

While I still had mine we tried it (with the Naim Nait Core I owned then) on a friends system with EAR 534 amp and JBL 3677 (with horns). I like trying odd combinations :slight_smile:

It just worked, matched just fine and it was pleasant evening listening to music. And this was with a raw 272 (no extra PSU).

I find my Cornwall IIIs like a bit of power to get enough in the lower end. I did use a 8 watt integrated for a while but have since swapped back to my Nait 5 and prefer it. It doesn’t have that ‘sweet & warm’ tube sound (basically distortion!) but it’s so much livelier. You may prefer a different presentation. There’s some thought that Naim doesn’t work well with Klipsch but not my experience.

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