272/XPS DR/250 DR - Upgrade Options

We’ve auditioned the new NSC 222/NPX 300/NAP 250 (NC) combination and have decided to trade in our existing NAC-N 272 and XPS DR ending up with two or three of the new series 200 units. My wife wants to buy all three new units so we end up with all new types, as auditioned. She says we’ll end up doing it anyway!
Maybe we’ll update all three units but for arguments sake if we just buy two new 200 series units, would the team suggest:
a) new NSC 222 and new NPX 300 used with our existing NAP 250 DR or
b) new NSC 222 (no external PSU) and new NAP 250 (NC)
Any thoughts please?

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If it was me I would do all three boxes rather than mucking about with legacy cables to use XPSDR. You’ll end up getting the NPX300 anyway.

The prices used on 250NC are around £4000. So could be an option and trade the rest in to a dealer and try to negotiate on price as they are a 40% mark up.


Just get them all. It saves buying wires you eventually won’t need. If your wife is like mine, she will be right. Go with the flow.



I would go all in as well if you have the choice. If you opt to go partial I’d definitely get the 222/250 and use your legacy PS to power the 222. I’m doing that currently with the 555 and it’s divine. The 250NC is a big improvement over the 250DR imo.


Obviously it would be neater to just change everything in one go. If you want to stagger it, I would generally start at the front end, but in this case I suspect your speakers will really like the extra power of the new 250.
You could keep your XPS and use it on the 222 if you wanted to stagger the purchases.

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I have the 222/300 into a 250DR and it works really well. I would have got the NC250 at the same time but decided to upgrade my LP12 and do the DR to NC power amp move later. If you keep the DR you will have a great sounding system and I am sure it will give you lots of musical enjoyment. However, if you can afford it, I would move to a complete NC system at once. Prices will go up and second hand prices won’t go up in the short to medium term either.

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If I were in your shoes and wanted to stagger the financial outlay say, I’d go for the 222/new 250 and keep the XPS for the time being, especially if the dealer is still offering the free legacy cable to the XPS. I might also ask him to provide a NPX300 on loan so that you can determine if changing the final component is ultimately worth it in your opinion.

My wife’s track record on being right isn’t perfect but she’s invariably right! All three new units Is an option. Although cables to connect the 250 DR are zero cost I want to do it right first time.

A bare NSC 222 with 250 (NC) which was the first stage of our audition, comfortably outperformed our existing system. As expected, adding the XPS 300 made things even better.

I should have explained that my question was driven by questioning justification of an XPS 300 but I didn’t want to bias responses. Anyway Sinewave and others suggested an external PSU on the 222 so I’ve decided that’s what we’ll do.

I’ve been programmed not to spend money but will now place the order for new three unit system. My wife says thanks for all your encouragement :blush:


Glad that you’ve made a decision that both you and your wife are happy with. A good thread with a nice conclusion.

Just seen thread now so congrats on the order.
Although too late now my advice would have been be to get 222/300/250 in one go, if possible.
Did this earlier in the year and has been one of my better hifi decisions - a very nicely balanced system that satisfies.
Time to lock the wallet down and enjoy the music with your wife :sunglasses: :+1:

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Our new NSC 222/NPX 300/NAP 250 (NC) combination has been sitting on our IsoBlue (Pippy Oak) rack for over a week now. We’re thrilled with the purchase and are so pleased that we took the whole package, so thanks for all the encouragement.

Next up is to update my forum profile.


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