282/250DR from SN2

Hello all.

I just wanted to share my thoughts on a 282/250DR/HiCapDR upgrade vs Supernait 2 that I own.

with Zenith MKII, Hugo2, ProAc SM100.

I had expected this to be a no brainer. And was ready to open wallet.

However my room (4.5m x 3m) and the neighbours are saying other wise. The ProAcs (although standmounts) have a pretty kick-ass driver and the 250DR wallops them. I can’t get past 8pm on the dial with room shaking/pounding. If that. At lower volumes it’s not near as much involving. And normally the ProAcs play well at low volumes.

Also the 282 is so so revealing. Like insanely revealing especially with the ProAc studios jobbies which are also revealing.

I personally do not think that the amps and the speakers take kindly to the Hugo2 DAC combined with the SM100s. And need at least a TT2 to avoid sounding slightly shrill. Maybe TT2 and B&W 805D3.

This no brainer turned into a ‘not so much’ no brainer. Without moving house and changing the rest of the system.

I’m relieved (for now) to have the SN2 back - which may I add (despite what anyone might say) is not as ‘technically good’ by a country mile than the 282/250DR (no way). The 282 is incredibly serious gear. However the SN2 is kinda fun, easy, warmer, bouncier and has that darker thing. And still quite fast. If you like that. Just less of a window. A lot less separated. I mean a lot. I wonder with a really good source whether the 282/250 can sound darker but still have separation.

Anyway. Horses for courses. Great Naim product but try before you buy. You might be surprised.

Hazel Eyes by Kelly Clarkson literally never heard so much slam. My girlfriend look scared.

Think I’m going to buy myself a SN3 which I found to be a lovely amp for my needs. Until i get a bigger house and no neighbours.

Or try chord > active (but maybe too strident).


I own the exact amps 282/250DR/HCDR. Yes, it very revealing and dynamic, perhaps the boldest sounding amps in the Naim range which include 252 and 552 from what I gather. It can be over-the-top depending on the loudspeakers and room.

That’s very interesting. I’m glad that people, like yourself, take the time to post their personal experiences on this forum.
I have an SN2 being fed by an NDS, with a Hi-line 5 to 5 pin Din connecting them (which made one heck of a difference). And If Qobuz ever makes it to Canada (we’re a bit of an outpost, don’t ya know), I’ll add a source for the NDS to provide a more current stream.

But the point is, in general, I just love the musicality of the SN2/NDS combo, and I’m hoping it will please my senses for a good long while. I don’t know if I really need more detail, or separation, or pin-point accuracy; and your own experiences have helped me to appreciate just how much I enjoy the sound of what have now.

One can’t help but wonder how this, or that, addition might sound, and it can get very costly, chasing that elusive, perfect upgrade.



Hi Circles, accurately explained with no big tech phrases and words, which most don’t understand. I own the same integrated amp again with ProAc Speakers (Tab10Sig) in a nearly identical room size. Which I find interesting is the comparison between SM100 and small Tabs, before I bought them I had a bigger stand mount, a pair of DALI Rubicon 2s, and they sometimes were too much for the small environment. My initial intention was to get me a pair of SM100’s, with no option of auditioning, just would’ve bought them based on reviews and forum discussions. Thought about this for a minute and decided I go for the smaller Tablette, simply because of the room dimensions, and these are definitely not able to shake neighbours walls, but other than that, are extremely fun little boxes and more importantly they work absolutely great close tho walls. May I ask you how do you have them positioned and do they need more space around them, given the room size? All the best

@Circles do you know if your 282/250 was fully run/burnt in?

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Agree. But I should be clear rhis is not to critcise.

Yes fully run in. I’m not questioning the sound. Just the room experience. Listening range.

Hey Realdpg. How do you find the Tab10sig? I am considering this also. How do they sound vs the SM100?

My SM100s are about 30cm away from wall toed in. On Chord silent mounts and open stands. The occasional boom but not too bad. Still a bit on the large size sound wise.


Hahaha I can believe your experience.
I had about the same problem.
I played for over 5 years with a SN1/HCdr.
No problems and no complains from the neighbors. Then i borrowed the 252/250dr from my brother.
It sounded so much better, everything, I didn’t stop listening. And keep listening.
Then in day 3, my neighbor: “did you do something with your stereo?”.
2 weeks later i put a sign in my garden and 3 months later my family and I moved to a bigger house with 1 neighbor.
I literally said to my wife, if this is the case I never can upgrade my stereo.
She sayed:”I saw a nice bigger house around the corner”.
Now i’am a year further, sold my SN because it sounded not as good anymore in the bigger house.
Now playing with a 272/300 combo and love it.

So the only solution for you is to move from house. Hahahahaha


That is one hell of an upgrade.

I hope somebody from Naim reads your post and rewards you with a complimentary 552/500 system for your dedication and loyalty to the brand.

Although, I fear you would need to move house again to accommodate it.



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Probably I did not express myself correctly regarding the SM100s, I meant I would find interesting the comparison. My bad.

Other than that I am pretty satisfied with the Tablette, definitely I miss some very low freq range, but they are not meant to go that low (I can add a sub, but not needed at the moment), everything else is amazing, mids especially, no brightness at all, which some reported with certain systems, this is what I was afraid of most prior to buying, but I am glad this is not the case with V1/SN2 combo.

I’ve had SN1, 2 and 3. Out of them SN2 was the best to my ears and system. Then moved on to 272/250DR which is much better with my Harbeths. You can hear and feel the amp work more relaxed where the SN had to struggle. I normally play around 40-45 on the 272 when playing loud.

Why did you prefer the SN2?

Had more meat to it than the more neutral and slimmer sounding SN3.


I went from SN2 with Hicap Dr fed by a Hugo 2 to a 282/250dr. If anything the latter tamed any shrillness I had. However, with the focals I used to have the 282/250dr was too much for them and a change of speaker was required to balance the system. I loved my SN2 but no way would I go back. More likely speaker mismatch than an issue with the Hugo imo

I also own a 282/250 and various Chord DACs

What interconnect do you use between the Hugo and the 282

Also I think it’s definitely a speaker mismatch

My Dynaudios excite bookshelf speakers can easily match my 282/250 with a chord Dave (meaning more bandwidth) without any of the issues your describe

And the dynaudio sounds good to my ears regardless whether small or bigger room.

Thanks for your great post. Really enjoyed reading it

Did you consider moving up the ProAc range to something like the D20 speaker? May be worth a demo…

I run the D30RS with my SN2 w/HiCap DR and enjoy the music quite a bit and listen at a low volume on occasion when my wife heads off to bed early.

Nice write up btw…

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+1 on the ProAc’s

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Well after a week it’s sounding a lot snoother. So the shrillness isn’t an issue now. If anything it’s the opposite now. Smooth midrange on the SM100s. But very revealing. They’re an odd speaker. Warm but revealing.

The bass is still not neighbour friendly. Just a bit too fat for my room/liking. I’d prefer a bit more nimble.

Don’t say 252/300 right?

282/250DR is certainly a great piece of kit. I have to say have the Hicap and Nap sc sat on the 250DR also as racking capacity is limited right now. So would have to buy a Fraim or other. Throw in a couple of Powerlines for the HiCap and SC (already have them in the on the 250 and source)and I guess it’ll all sound much more focussed.

Love D20R but i dont thinl in this room it would work. Too small.

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