282/300 connection


I’m looking to connect a 282 with a 300 with a HCDR.

I’ve searched on how to do this and know it’s possible. Can anyone advise how to do it though.

I’m assuming that you connect the HCDR sockets 2&3 to either side of the 300 and connect the 282 to the HCDR the normal way.



That’s exactly right.

Hi Dan, welcome.

Here’s the connection diagram for you. Note the direction markers on the SNAIC and DIN-XLR. Just replace NAP250 with NAP300 and connect the second DIN-XLR in the next door DIN4 on the HICAP.

Be sure to get the DIN-XLR cables the correct way around on the NAP300 - red banded one goes to CH2 (Right).

Thanks guys.

Are the standard din-XLR cables ok or do I need the din-XLR mono cables.

I must add that I have the opportunity to pair my 282 with either a 250dr or 300 (non dr). Both are the same price and of the same year.

Can anyone suggest what of the above options would be best?


Either amp should come with the correct cable - a stereo DIN-XLR for the NAP250 and a pair of mono handed DIN-XLRs for the NAP300.


That make sense why you mentioned the red banded cable regarding the Nap300 to HCDR connections.

Does anyone know the current cost of a service and DR upgrade for a Nap300?


You should check the current cost of a service with your Naim dealer. If you’re in the UK then there’s also the option of using Class A, who are authorised by Naim to do servicing on Naim equipment and use Naim parts and processes.

As for DR upgrades, these had to be suspended and are not currently being offered.

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