282, Hi-cap 250

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I have a 282, Hi-cap and a serviced CB 250. My main source is a LP12 and my speakers are Dynaudio special 40.

I am looking at potentially upgrading the 250 to either ex demo 250 dr or ex demo/refurbished 300dr combination. Would my existing old hi-cap work and make the changes worthwhile or would i need to change the hi-cap to the Dr version straight away? Would the 300 be overkill for my speakers?

Any comments and thoughts are appreciated.

You might want a 252 before 300. Making a supercap an option on your 282.
But then you might find 282/supercap/250 is end game.
There are threads here extolling 250 vs 250dr. But you don’t have to swap your hicap on the 282 for a dr version.

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Thank you for your suggestion and help

The 300 would not be overkill, and it works very well with the 282, greater insight and better at lower volumes.

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Thanks :+1::+1: