282 + Hicap -> 300 DR?

Assuming no other system changes, how good a match is a 300 DR on the end of a 282? Source is CDX2 + XPS.

More specifically, to what extent would a 300 blow a 200 away in that configuration?

The 282 and HiCap would be staying so no pre-amp upgrade recommendations please.


The 282 would be more than capable of preamp duties with a 300 dr. I switched from a 250 dr to 300 dr and its a big improvement in all aspects imo. So going from a 200 to a 300 dr should be a wonderful experience. Do enjoy.

In the blowing away stakes, probably not to kingdom come but certainly into the middle of next week. It’ll easily exceed the weeds.

I recently went from 250 to 300 and the improvement was remarkable.

Thanks for the responses. As much as I love my ‘little’ 200, I’m sure my system and speakers (only 86db) would benefit from more power and control.

Yes, both the 250 and the 300 will be better and the only downside could be if the 300 was in danger of exposing any weaker links in the chain but I don’t think I have any. Conversely, perhaps my 200 is veiling my 282…

This simply is an unfair battle. A 300 has a fan whilst a 200 has not!


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