282 napsc

Silly question. Is there ever a situation where you don’t need a NAPSC using a 282?

For instance does 282/Supercap negate the need for the NAPSC completely?

Can you connect 2x HicapDRs to the 282 and again remove the need for the NAPSC?

Ultimately I’d like to have a Supercap with one Powerline connected to the 282? Is this possible?

Does a 252 need a NAPSC?


Hi, the NAPSC is always required for the 282, and then you can choose from Hicap, 2*Hicap or Supercap to provide the main power. So 3 or 4 boxes with 2 or 3 power leads. The 252 doesn’t take the NAPSC, just the Supercap, so 2 boxes with one power lead.

Or a NAP 200 if you want to keep the cost / box count down. Having had all PS options on the 282 I’d go for a HiCap DR as a minimum.


Thanks both. Makes sense. Looks like either a electrician in or a MusicWorks G3. Need more sockets. Worried about losing bass tauntness with blocks though.


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