Can I connect this using a din to rca?

Yes, the NDX has both RCA & DIN, the 282 is DIN only
But why ??? why not DIN-DIN, ???
An all DIN cable is optimised electrically & also should give best SQ
With few exceptions, splitting a DIN cable to ‘make’ a pair of RCA’s is a bit of a lash up.

More to the point, the NDX comes with an excellent Naim Lavender DIN-DIN interconnect in the box.

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I have a din rca lying around but wasn’t sure on the settings if I changed it on 282 or ndx

You need to config the output in the NDX - how to do that is in the manual
As I said in my other post, 282 only has DIN.
What’s happened to the NDX supplied DIN Lavender that should be in its kit.

I have the lavender din, I also have a din-rca indigo

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