282 remote

Hi, weird one…my 282 remote (new ex demo unit to me) remote control …press the volume + button and volume decreases, press the volume - button, volume increases…how very odd…any ideas ? Balance works fine. M

That is an odd one! Have you asked the dealer who had it on demo?

I have not used the remote at all with my NAC 282 since I owned it. I have only used my iPad or iPhone to control volume on my Naim systems. Nice to use devices with rechargeable batteries instead of remote.

Sorry not an answer to your question just a suggestion for an alternative in case you use apple products.

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Are you holding the remote upside down?


Beat me to it. I’ve done it myself!


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On a 282???

“On a 282???”

Yes there is wire connection between the NDX 2 and NAC 282 and volume controlled via the NAIM APP on the iPAD and iPhone.

ha ha !

Are you controlling the volume digitally from the NDX2? I didn’t think you could control the 282 volume pot directly, even with System Automation, from an iPhone/iPad (you can do it with System Automation using the volume control on the NDX2 remote).

EDIT: My mistake, you can indeed control the preamp volume pot from the iPhone app (just tried it and it works)!

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