282 with 500 and 250 with 552?

Most of my “serious” listening is done in my basement office. I currently have a 250 and 282 down there with an LP12 and NDS for sources. I was thinking of taking my 552 from my living room system and trying it downstairs with my 250 and bring my 282 up to my living room. In my living room I have an ND555 and LP 12 as well. Worth trying?

Why not just swap the better system over to where you do the majority of your ‘serious listening’ and put the ‘lesser’ system in the place which is more for occasional use…?:man_shrugging:t2:


Not enough rack space in the office unfortunately. The living room system always has music on, just not in a place to listen to seriously with kids around most of the time. When they are sleeping, I’m in the basement listening most evenings for a while.

The 552 into the 250 will likely sound great. I think the 500 could well show up some shortcomings in the 282 but if it is mainly used for more casual listening maybe that won’t be such an issue for you. Another thing to consider is selling the 282 and getting a 52 for the office system, which would give you a great-sounding system.


Putting the 552 with the 250 would be great. Why not sneak the ND555 down there too if you like it better than the NDS?
Not so sure about 282/500. I would certainly take 552/250 in preference to 282/300 any day, and I strongly suspect it would win over 282/500 as well. Maybe trade the 282/500 for another 552/250 if 3 boxes are as many as you have space for?


I would sneak the ND555 down there but my wife’s favorite album right now goes through Sirius XM into the ND555 (U2’s last night at the Sphere). I don’t think my NDS would stream that.

What is the proper way to connect the 552 to the 250 and the 282 to the 500? I’m assuming the XLR to 4 pins go into the HIcap for the 282?

I agree that the better system should be where you do most of your critical listening. Critical sounds scientific but I mean to say where you get to enjoy it most.

I think the 552 into 250 will be their better system providing the speakers are up to it.

I would’ve never imagined my second system to be as good as it has turned out to be so I’m glad to see I’m not the only one with multiple systems of this quality.

I would love to find a 52 for the office system! That may be my goal. Maybe put the 552 downstairs in the office and then when I find a 52, switch them back out.

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Both should connect via their corresponding PS’s, using the DIN-XLR leads which came with each NAP.

Or a 252… :thinking:

I used a Nac 82/Supercap with a Nap 500 for some time, it worked beautifully.