282 with HCDR with SN2

Just got my 282 to upgrade from my SN2, but have to use the SN2 as the amplifier stage until I can move to the next box. I have a HighCap DR, concerned about connecting incorrectly. Can someone please guide me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you community.

Do you have the manual? There is a diagram in it explaining exactly how it is connected.

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All ok! I got it, found on line about holding the mute button down to reset the SN2 as the amp, thanks!

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Does it sound good? Should be a nice upgrade, then grab a discounted, or used, 250 DR :sunglasses:


Hello Mike, yes I’m going to comment on the sound but on the other thread I started about upgrading from the SN2. I definitely have comments and it’s really amazing how knowledgeable and smart this community is, because so many things that people have said about the 282 are true. Now I have litmus paper and starting point when I read about all the other Naim gear, you are all awesome!


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