282 without power amp?

Just curious…on the Preferred System section on the Naim website I saw that you should match a NAC282 with a Supercap DR. Nothing is mentioned about a NAP… is it possible without, let’s say, a NAP250DR? Perhaps a bit lame this question but I do not understand all technical background. But a preamp should always have a power amp I think/thought. Regardless of any additional power supply to specifically improve the preamps SQ…

Note… I have no plans to go to this path…yet… very happy with SN2 and a HiCap-ish device (and a wife who forced me upon a very very very long time-out before upgrading anything further). But my end game in a couple of years will hopefully be a 282 temporarilly matched with the SN2, then sell the SN2 and buy a 250DR… and even later perhaps trade in the ND5XS2 for a used NDX2.

The 250 doesn’t have a PS output for Naim preamps. The 200 and below do. You’ll need a PS for the 282 if you get a 250.

The “Hi-Cap-ish” PS should work.

That is a simple and clear answer! Thanks. But…why did Naim make that distinction between a 200 and 250…

…this is the path I took this past June/July timeframe. I purchased a NAC 282 and used the HiCapDR from my SN 2. It was a fantastic upgrade the 282 was over the preamp section in the SN 2. I was planning to wait 6 months or so before upgrading to the NAP 250 DR but a 2 year old 250 was traded in at my dealers a few weeks after I installed the 282. I traded in the SN 2 and it was a beautiful upgrade.

When you get around to it you will enjoy the sonic uplift, and so will your wife!


If you want to drive speakers you do indeed need a power amp not just a preamp (or of course you can use an integrated). Whether a Naim preamp will give its best through a non-Naim power amp will depend on the power amp. I think Naim’s official view is that it won’t, but self-evidently in practice if the power amp’s interaction with the pre is identical to a NAP then of course it will - and it might in other cases (or might not).

The Suggested System sections are sometimes a bit odd. It also suggests an XPS that you can’t use with the 282 directly but only with the NDX2 that is also suggests. On the other hand it “suggests” the NAPSC that is included and required.

And it does not suggest a power amp as you found out. But yes, if you want to drive speakers (and not just a headphone amp) you will need a power amp of some sort

The 250 is the better power amp and its available space is dedicated to itself. This way you have the option of using a cheaper setup with 282/NAPSC and 200 (which powers the analog part of the 282), or a better but more expensive one with 282/NAPSC plus a HiCap and 250. And you can add a second HiCap or SuperCap.

This way, the 282 covers a wide range of options in quality and price, and you have an upgrade path that lets you slowly build up if so desired

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Thanks! The future is more clear now :wink:

As others have said, the 282 is perhaps Naim’s most versatile pre amp. Able to get power from a nap200. Able to feed any other naps, if fed via a HC. Add another HC if you want. Or go for a SC if you are going for a 252.


Active speakers such as the SCM40A would negate the need for a power amp?

Not really negate as the power amp is in the speakers instead, but yes, no need for a separate box in this case

You are playing with words Suedkiez :chicken:

I thought it worthwhile to mention in the context of the OP to avoid any confusion: “But a preamp should always have a power amp I think/thought”. Which is correct, though it can be mounted in the speakers (and you pay for it as well, so it’s not “negated”)

I would do this first.

Don’t get a 282 while using nd5 source.


It’ll work, but it’s not up to the standard of the amp you are aiming for. The clue is in the price. An NDX2 powered by an XPSDR would make a well balanced system.

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Thanks. And I understand it. It will be for the long term then :slight_smile: coming years I will keep enjoying the current setup. Unless the lotery decides otherwise.

There are two possible upgrade paths you could consider here.
One is to upgrade from ND5XS2 to NDX2, and later, add an XPS. These are expensive boxes, so you can stagger the cost.
The other is to upgrade the ND5XS2 with an external DAC. This could be the discontinued Naim NDAC (with the option to add a power supply upgrade to it later if you choose). Naim do not currently make a separate DAC, but there are other brands you could consider.

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