2nd wiremold; series or parallel?

too many boxes and i need a second strip

should i plug the second bar into the first one or
into the wall socket?

I’m not an electrician, but I would have thought that on safety grounds alone you shouldn’t daisy chain power strips under any circumstance.

Assuming you have a 2nd wall socket, use it for your second power strip.

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How many sockets (outlets) do you need, why not get a new power strip with the number, or more, that you need?

I would avoid daisy chaining them if possible. Each signal will go through more connections, and in the UK, more fuses, so attaching both strips to a wall socket might be a cleaner path.


wiremold is the recommended strip for naim stuff
and i don’t think they make a 12 outlet unit or anybody else

i do have 2 sockets i can use and it seems the way to go

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The Wiremold ‘recommendation’ along with the many other brands, comes from dealers & owner chat via www forums.
The original Wiremold company no longer exists, they were bought out by the French company Legrand & the brand name was incorporated into their product line.
And to be honest, they are nothing special, made from commercial grade parts and ordinary wiring, albeit some look to have better than average boxes. The most outlets I can find with Wiremold is 10, but other brands with 12 & more are available.
But if you have 2 wall outlets, thats the way I would go

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Your profile shows around 4 Naim boxes to plug in, probably best if they all go in the same strip to keep their earth potentials as close as possible. I’m not sure how much this matters with a Supernait, with a 282/hi/250 the plug order had an audible effect and it’s more pronounced with the 500 series, experiment. You also seem to lack a source that will provide a signal ground so a wire from the signal ground screw on the supernait to an earth point, say the earth pin of an otherwise unused plug, would be worth a try. Don’t mix Naim and SMPS on the same strip and preferably not the same radial if at all, though, you may get away with some of the quieter ones if you must.

only 3 boxes i think so theres room for the p8

and i don’t understand the whole “lack a source that will provide a signal ground” part or at
least i don’t know if it applies to my setup and housing

All Naim boxes that are plugged into the mains have a safety earth but this has no connection to the signal path except, in the CD players one side of the output of each channel is also connected to earth(ground), the DACs and streamers have a switch to select between doing the same or leaving it floating. There should be only one point in the system where the signal in referenced to earth in order to avoid a ground loop but there should be one. The technical details of why this matters are a little hazy for me so I doubt I’d explain them very well but I could hear the effect of having two signal earths in a system when I had a CD player and a streamer in the system and the streamer switched to ground.

I don’t know what was done in the days before CD players, perhaps @Richard.Dane could enlighten.

There’s a post in FAQ that relates to the Naim earthing scheme and what part the DIN connectors play.

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