3.1 amp to pair with uniti atom

New to the forum. Any advice on this amp search? Staying under about $3500 USD

Hi, how are you planning to integrate your Atom, which is a 2 channel source and amp, with a 3.1 channel setup?

If my surmise further below is correct, simplest 3.1 would probably be either 2 stereo amps, whether integrated or just power depends on your source, or a 5.1, perhaps of lesser quality than the Atom, just not using 2 channels. Plenty of reasonable 5.1 AV amps available on eBay, especially from the likes of, for example, Sony which are quite capable for the surround use. If a receiver that may be good as source as well? Naim did a surround system some years ago, you may be able to pick up secondhand - googling should find details easily. Or if you want to stick with Naim you could go for 2 Naim integrated or power amps - or 2 more atoms!

Guessing, it may be to sit alongside to make 5.1 capability - perhaps with the Atom on main pair with the 3.1 as centre, sub and rears?

What I’d like to do is run the L/C/R for the HDMI output off the Naim assuming that I ever get the HDMI output to work (I’m about to give up and just run optic to my tv). I’m not sure how, if possible at all, to get a center channel for tv but stay 2.0 for music.

Ok, so my guess was wrong! You mention taking Atom HDMI output to TV: but according to the spec Atom’s HDMI is an input, no mention of output! You could connect TV output to it to power the two channels, but unless I’m missing something it seems to me you’ll need a separate TV output preset for centre and sub, to go to another amp or a box in between that will decode and send stereo to Atom and centre and sub to another amp. (And of course if either are HDMI the other amp would have to have HDMI inputs.)

The Atom is a 2 channel stereo device, and the TV needs to be set to stereo PCM output in order to work with it. If you want to use a centre or LFE channel you need a multi channel AV amp.

I think I’m explaining my attempt wrong. After thinking about what I want to do, I’m not sure the Naim will do it - and its not a big deal - I love the atom now that I have my TV set correctly and the HDMI input is working like it should. I was thinking I could get a 3.1 amp and connect it to the atom and run a left right center and maybe sub. Something like a Lexicon 80W. That said, I think the set up sounds great just like it is. The atom puts out enough low end that a sub would be redundant, and the sound stage it totally fine. I’ve bought some Focal 826 Chorus 30th Anniversary speakers (not yet arrived) that I think are going to only make the very simple set up even better,

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