3 box Naim system with Focal Sopra 1?

Hello all,
Would the collective experience and wisdom of you distinguished forum members consider the following configuration a recipe for disaster?

Supernait 3
WH Phantoms
Hiline DIN/DIN
3 Powerline lites
( I currently have the above, minus the SN3 and HCDR in my system)

I have previously owned the SN2 with the Sopra 1s (which people tend to love to hate) and frankly they went relatively well together except for a massive bass response that was nearly impossible to tame. The installation of eight GIK acoustic panels helped immensely with bass management and improved focus and imaging (BTW, I fully recommend treating your listening space). The other difficulty with the Sopras is the beryllium tweeter. When the recording is perfect, it’s fantastic. I never has much of problem here with the SN2 so I am assuming the SN3 wouldn’t be worse…

I have recently tried Accuphase and McIntosh in the system listed above (minus the Naim amp) and it was an unmitigated disaster. Much much too bright, brittle, lifeless and irritating. My recollection of the Naim SN2 soundscape was, although definitely “in your face” it certainly wasn’t boring nor did it make my ears bleed.

With those points being made and if I enjoyed the SN2, would the SN3 addition be a mistake in your view?

Thank you for your kind feedback and thoughts. Brgds.

Sounds to me like you have a speaker/room matching problem. Improved electronics can certainly help with this, but will never make the problems go away. So I would suggest that finding the right speakers should be part of this process.


I may have had a problem in the past but as I mentioned eight GIK acoustic panels have all but resolved any room/speaker problems. The Accuphase and McIntosh simply do not marry well at all with the Sopra speakers, and I believe the room has been removed from the equation. I guess my post was to reassure me that an SN3 wouldn’t be inferior to the SN2 I had previously enjoyed. Thanks.

I have switched to a Sugden A21SE signature integrated to drive my Sopra 1’s . It’s a pure class A amplifier so grip on the bass is astonishing also never fatiguing up high. Just move on the nd5xs2 and go for the ndx2 then in time add a power supply.

I know it’s not a full Naim system anymore but I’m still running a 5 box Naim source into it. I can’t remember the last time I have listened to so much music.


Hello @Dingding Thanks for your reply. Are you happy with the Sugden’s handling of the beryllium tweeter? Have seen these amplifiers but have never considered them. Brgds.

I think the issue with the beryllium tweeter is that they take so long to run in so first thing is to leave them running day and night even as low level to bed them in I did this for 6/8 weeks non stop.
I have always liked Sugden amps although they have a reputation for pipe and slippers a bit like quad. I had the opportunity to try out the A21SE sig for another room but couldn’t resist sticking in the main system to see how good it really is and it’s not moved since.
I will eventually get the itch to move my Naim amps back in but for now I can’t stop listening to music. It does make you question sometimes why we spend so much on kit and cables with relatively small gains when taking a different direction ie class A make massive changes that may just be what your after.
There’s no way I would change my sources but for now I can’t get enough of the speed and grip of the Sugden it’s like nothing I have ever owned before.

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Get a better source.

I can’t be the only one who thinks the 3 boxes should be

  • NDX2
  • NAC202
  • NAP200dr

Or if phono stage is required

  • NDX2
  • XPSdr
  • SN3


I have the Sopras since 2018. They’re most likely run in by now…

3 boxes?


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