3 quick Naim Fraim questions

Hi all,

So I was assembling my Naim Fraim base last night, which was exciting and quite fun. It did leave me with 3 questions though:

  1. The metal peg that sits at the back of the glass - should the glass actually be pushed up against it or is it just there as a guide?

  2. The kit came with 2 strange clear plastic rings. They aren’t mentioned in the parts list and I wondered what they are for. They are about an inch across.

  3. Should there have been some Fraim Chips in the box with it? There weren’t.


  1. The peg is there to stop the glass sliding off the back. The consensus in this place is that the front of the glass should align with the front of the wood.

  2. The clear rings fix to the underside of the glass. There should be a template in the box somewhere, or in the manual, I forget, so you can fix in the exact position they are meant to be in. Some people choose not to use them at all. Make sure you have the glass the right way up.

  3. Fraim chips are accessories and not included.

Hope all goes well and you enjoy your new Fraim.


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Thanks very much chaps - much appreciated. I now have a 2 week wait while the Fraim shelf levels arrive - it’s a long story!! :laughing:

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