30 year old LP12 Armboard - Sell or Make into Clock?

This is in no way a sales advert - I have other channels for that if necessary.

I’ve just retrieved from the loft a brand new, never used LP12 armboard, still in its plastic wrapping. It’s probably for a specific arm type - it has a main hole for the arm plus six smaller holes around the big hole.

Is it worth anything, or should I make it into a clock?

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Mine is a clock. :+1:t2: :rofl:


No, the two clock hands need to be tone arms - perhaps the hour hand without headshell, the minute hand with!
Unfortunately it would take some engineering to achieve…

@Skeptikal Can you remember where you got the kit? There’s thousands of options on eBay.
Would you mind posting an image of the back please? The armhole is presumably much bigger than the standard kits. How did you fill it out?


You need -

  • a generic eBay clock mechanism, with arms to suit
  • a large washer (about 40mm), material/colour to suit

My clock arm board has history - being on my LP12 from 1988 to 2022, when a Kore was installed.


It’s a standard Quartz movement available from the bay all the hand permutations fit all the clocks just pick one set that has high contrast to easily see the time and I got the sweep type movement no jerk or ticking.
Where the arm hole is too big I put washers in the gap to fit the outside of the hole and the spindle size and packed it flush equally from front and back then put a large black then silver washer on the outside front to finish.
The washers make it nice and heavy the movement has a hanging hook incorporated.
Or you can sell the arm board for silly money online to the variation fanatics looking for just that right laminate or MDF. :wink: :rofl: :+1:t2:

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It would time better using Aro hands :laughing:


They would have to be “second hand “ :wink:


Unless you’d get great satisfaction form an armboard clock I’d contact a few dealers and see how much they’d offer you.

When I upgraded my LP12 with a Kore I got a reasonable amount for the original armboard.

Is it better used on a pre-loved deck or as a clock? Maybe there’s a surfeit of them, honestly don’t know, but there may well be many older LP12s with non-Linn tonearms and non-Linn armboards which people might want to change?

Think the offer I had was £30 (LE postcode dealer) - so I kept ‘my’ Armboard and made it a clock…!!

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It might make a nice cheeseboard, as long as people don’t use sharp knives!

Having played around with 3 different sub chassis and 3 different armboards on my LP12 in the last few years, I can suggest a number of uses for the old MDF board, but being used on a LP12 is not one of them.

I’d call the cheese board ‘aromatic’, but I’m not sure if it cuts the cheese.

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There’s a trick being missed here with that arm-board hole :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:



My Sheffield-based dealer suggested it would be worth £40-50.

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