300 and 300dr

Can anyone share the difference between both?
Is 300 sounds warmer than 300dr?
Is this worth for such upgrade?

Current system:CDS3/252/300, all powerlined, SL interconnect and SL speaker.


the original 300 was the first black box that challenged my source first fanaticism and I remember well the dilemma of wanting to have one in my system, but needing to upgrade other areas too.
I eventually achieved my long held ambition of having a 300 in my system last year and I’ve loved every minute of music listening ever since.
Of course, as it took me a long time from the first hearing to getting my own 300 and it had been updated to the DR version in the meantime. I confess that I did not listen to the two versions side by side, or even audition the DR version before buying, but my memory of the quantum leap in musical enjoyment was not just matched, but exceeded.
I also have CDS3/252/300 fronting SL2’s, all powerlined with SL interconnect so I would suggest that there is a high chance that we find the same things in our systems important.
If you haven’t already read it why not check out the HiFiCritic review of the 300DR on Naim’s website;

I confidently predict that you will do the upgrade and never regret it :grin:


Would appreciate for more input about experience/sound difference of both amp.
Thank you!

OK, I added in a 300 into my system in the Autumn of 2017, upgrade from 200

It took my music on to another level, focus seperation voice clarity and more involved with the music - in short to me the 300 sounded like the bigger more experenced brother of the 300 and lifted the whole sound stage

when I had my DR fitted in March of last year it took a couple of days for the DR to start to get going on song, and about a week before I was hearing more music, instruments - drive pace timing and a lost more of everything to be honest

I have seen posts on DR upgraded on PSU’s where the owners prefer Non DR, but for me on all of the AMP’s it takes them all onto another level of FOCUS and music

out of all of my upgrades over the years DR on my 300 is only second to my LP12

for me it’s beyond good, it takes an already superb AMP onto another level

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A significant upgrade for me, most notably in terms of bass control.

I haven’t seen a post from anyone who prefers the non-DR version of the amps, in a long long time.

I went from a standard 300 to a 300DR last October. It wasn’t a planned upgrade but a 2016 build DR popped up so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.

I wouldn’t say it was night & day but it is an improvement, I’m hearing details I wasn’t aware of before and it just seems lighter on it’s feet. Bass notes seems more agile too.

I’d say the 300 has a darker, possibly heavier sound but the DR doesn’t make it sound ‘broke’by any measure.

The buyer of my 300 was staggered at the uplift over his 250DR (I did warn him :wink:) which makes it a current bargain on the used market when there’s little difference in used values and if you can accommodate the extra box.

The 300 is a damn fine amp. Plus it can always be DR’d at a later date if you really feel the urge to.

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