300 dr and 300

Hi all i just swapped out an old olive 250 for a 300dr on my active S600’S, first off a massive difference and has made me realise that my S600’S really need to run these over the 250’s
Question i have for now, i have put the 300 on the bmr and use my other 2 old olive 250’s on the bass units, now if i went for another 300 and that happens to be a non dr would it have a big effect on the bass or do i need to get another 300dr, i think the answer will be dr, but if its not going to make a big difference then i might just go for it and then look at getting it dr’ed at a later date.

I remember reading on the forum some time ago, that it was better to put the better amp on the mid range and tweeters rather than the more obvious bass drive units. Nice problem😉

Yes thats what i have done, but it was more a question of whether i could get away with a non dr 300 on the twin base units or if i need to go dr to match the other.

But i must say the upgrade that the 300 dr has givern to the bmr units is just astonishing, greater detail, control and much more likely and fast, if a 300dr will do the same to the bass units i will be very happy.
My only slight concern is that i run 2 x 250’s on the bass and it will go back to one amp, but i feel that the 300 amp will be fine, givern what it has done to the bmr

The 300 is a great amp , the dr is a step up, but the 300 takes some beating…about another £12k these days

Had been looking at 500’s but while at hifi lounge, paul talked me out off it, as active 300’s is more than good enough, roll on the next 300 into my system

Dunc, my brother in loving both SBLs and Active Ovators (which is quite different). It seems that you suffer from serial upgraditis. You can buy this off for only GBP 115.000,-- This money will buy you a s/h Statement, a s/h ND555 and a CD555PS-DR.

Then, sit back, relax and worry only about cables and how an Active Statement would sound like.

… or S800’s.

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