300 dr vs. 250 dr

Probably been asked and answered but what differences are there when switching from a 250 dr to a 300 dr. My preamp is still a 282 and my speakers are dynaudio confidence 20’s. Sources lp 12 (fairly loaded, cd 5 rarely used anymore ,ndx-2, and tuner

Personally I would go for the 252/SCDR first

Then go to 300dR

Yes the 300 will give you a beffier sound but not all the benefits with the 282

I wouldn’t go there


Have you tried doing a search on ‘250 vs 300’? There are hundreds of posts on this very subject, and a particularly useful thread here.

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You will initially have reduced savings, an extra black box and an expensive pining for a 252 plus a Supercap despite further savings depletion - which may result in extra bass, another dimension to your music and a helpless grin


Possibly a revealing choice of language. Have a 552 or 252 been considered instead of a 300DR? Or as well as?

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The conventional NaimLore on this would be as follows (in order):

  • Supercap (powering 282)
  • 252 (replacing 282)
  • 300 (replacing 250)

But… its remains for the OP to decide. Perhaps a dealer dem would/could help, here… :thinking:


Number of factors. Orthodoxy says 252 or even 552 :grinning: first, BUT one very well respected dealer says that the 300 makes absolute sense with a 282, and the 300 was recognised as a great partner for the greatly missed 272. Might depend on the speakers, the 300 is better at lower volumes. As ever demo essential.

Good luck.



It’s not always deals come in the “right” order. I did the 250DR to 300DR driven by 272/555PSDR. Never regretted it for a second. Been looking out for a 252 for more than two years but nothing available on my market.


As @Slamdam said sometimes opportunities arrive in the wrong order. I was looking for a 250dr and spoke to a dealer about one advertised. As that had gone and they had a newly serviced 300DR coming in I went for that to match with my 282. In my case it was a big jump from a 200DR and I never regetted it. I then acquired a 552DR again recently serviced. If you can find one at the right price its worth going the used route for both 300 and 552, and missing out the 250dr and 252/SCDR.


True but the OP said nothing about buying used or demo. If buying new, the advice made sense. Of course if buying used and on a path to 252/300, buy whatever you can get a hold of


I recently got a 300DR to replace a 250DR. Great improvement for me. Was particularly hoping for better low volume performance, and boy does it deliver on that (as mentioned many times by others here).


in my journey I have only had x 2 NAP 200 and 30O

i was planning to go 250DR when my dealer offered me a 300 to match with then 282/HCDR which I had for six months before getting the 300 DR

300 was (and still is) a lovely NAP and matched well will deliver music - the combinations I had during my time 282/HCDR - 282/SC and now my end 252/300DR

I love the 300DR the relaxed manor it deliveries music is joy, focus and drive with the power to drive a reasonable volumes is exceptional

you could well look at source ie 252 first or SCDR for the 282, but depends on your end destination

as I mentioned in another thread recently to me the 300DR is the best ££ for ££ musical NAP in the NAIM range

enjoy the journey

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As I’ve droned on before, my upgrade itch went straight out the window when I bought the 300DR.
The difference between it and my 250DR was simply a ‘wow’ moment.

A lovely power amp that will see me out…


Changed from a 250dr to a 300dr several years ago a stunning upgrade and probably the best value for money upgrade I have done.

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