300 non dr service

Service plans or subscription plans?

Nothing stopping anyone putting the proportion aside as a DD to fund a service in the future (with a bit extra to hedge service cost increases)

I thought you might be hinting at a full blown component subscription - a monthly fee to rent 300 level amplification for example. I vaguely recall this being mentioned before, and some very good arguments being made against the idea though!

No I was thinking service plan and I know one could just put the money aside but then it might get used for something else. I quite like the discipline of naim holding the money!

Maybe I’m weird!


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Hah, yes, once the sum put away approached being useful for literally anything else music or HiFi related, I would be the same :slight_smile:

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Go one stage further; rent your hifi from naim, upgrade after 3 years etc.

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I might have too many early settlement fees all the time :rofl:

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Hi Jonathan
I think there may be some practical and legal difficulties for Naim. Service intervals can be as long as 15 years. Naim would want to price the annual/monthly charges so that it took account of inflation but was also attractive for customers. Over 15 years this might be difficult so that the amount paid was not massively more expensive or massively cheaper than paying in full at the service time. Also what if in say 15 years time components were unavailable such as with dacs, CD mechanisms. Customers would be really unhappy to have paid for many years to find their product could not be serviced. For amplifiers there would be more rationale for a long service plan but even here some components might be in short supply and government legislation might have placed restrictions on high wattage electrical products. This is only my opinion and Naim might see advantages with service plans.

Dealers would more likely be better placed to offer ‘rent your HiFi here’ deals, credit agreements, a bit like with car sales are their thing. Take TV rentals back in the 60’s and 70’s it was big business. I wouldn’t expect a particularly attractive deal from the consumers point of view though, probably not enough business.

Personally I think it is a daft idea. If you can’t afford it then don’t bother, just focus on the important responsibilities in life. Taking out loans or remortgage the house or hire purchase schemes or sticking it on the credit card :roll_eyes:……
Just my opinion of course even though we only live once

Update - am sending them to Naim but need to wait until a service slot becomes available in 5 or 6 weeks from now.

The NDX isn’t being serviced and I discovered from Darran yesterday that the 282 was serviced a year ago so doesn’t need doing, which is a bit of a result!

Considering trying kudos speaker cable to see what it’s like

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We used to call them “Christmas Clubs” when I was a kid!

I think it will be worth the wait. Very pleased with my 300 non DR new from 2004 service and recapping. A real noticeable change from tired to alive :grin:

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Good to hear - bought the cheapest set going :joy: