300 series demo at HF Lounge

First opportunity to hear 300 series. Familiar with NAP300 DR, interested to hear what can be achieved.
Recent demo day, so thanks to Paul, Wendy and crew at HFL for the invitation. HFL have a couple of dedicated listening rooms, which I know reasonably well over the years. Prior to a previous full statement demo, I was once tasked with warming the system up - not an easy task, being left alone for a good part of the afternoon! )
Worth mentioning a visit of a Bentley, just to complete the Naim roundup with Darren.
This time, a 300 series demo with MR doing the honours of guiding those present, through the various combinations.
The line up, using two stacks of Fraim, was various combinations in the order below, NACA5 from amp to PMC Fact 12. Focal speakers were used for the 200 series demo earlier in the year, reported on another thread, but not surprising, they didn’t appeal to everyone present.
The order, starting with a 200 rig as a base, moved through the following combinations, using standard interconnects.

finally Super Lumina speaker cable
then for reference back to
222/300/250 (with S/L)

Music played, albeit not across each of the combinations, but rather a track played, config changed and played again, then another track in the same form.
It would be unfair to criticise the ninety minutes of the demo slot - best viewed as a taster intro to the new 300 series.

Pauli Simon - 50 ways to loose…

Chris Stapleton - Death Row

Simple Minds - Waterfront (Acoustic version)

Matraca Berg - Jolene

Nick Cave - Palaces of Monta Cova

Daddy was a milkman - track unknown (poss swim; rooftop; breath in ??)

Jeff Russo - Bemudji, MN (Fargo Series Main Theme)

Chris Isaak - Baby did a bad, bad thing WRXT FM Broadcast album


It’s not realistic to describe every change; so from the off, plenty of grip and PRaT.

The 222 combo did sound edgy, by comparison to the 300 series; the 333 combo easier to listen to, using the same track. I have 222 in my second system, w/o ps, so I know what it can deliver.
I’m not sure what prompted the effect, but I wrote edgy on my notes, moments before MR said the same. Anyway the rest of the demo was stepping up thru’ 300. Each increase added something more - budget constraints in auditioning the usual caveat - unwise listening beyond budget.
The switch to the mono NAP350s took the overall sound a significant step up, becoming deeper and more mellow.
Introducing the SL speaker cables to the full 300 combo, showed just what an exciting prospect the new series will become.


I listened to all the tracks again, the same evening on my active 300DR system. The NC300 series has the Naim sound, which I consider is a refresh rather a divergence, ymmv.
My system is built, so unlikely to add anything yet awhile.
A six box, full 300 system, particularly with SL, delivers as it should. I could live with it - perhaps or certainly with different speakers!
Aside from budget consideration, the issue is potentially box count, but then Naim sound does involve multiple boxes.
One footnote, which I will mention on a new Fraim thread, MR mentioned the new rear centre leg for Fraim - which is narrower in design, to better accommodate cables and plugs, is coming.


I think this is a good description of the latest boxes, I’m aware I don’t have anywhere near the Naim heritage as most on here but when I read this it sounded right to me.

Nice write up, thanks.


Nice write up, thanks. Is it just me or is the right speaker significantly further into the room than the left?

I want the narrow Fraim leg !!!

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In a sense, neither, although I can appreciate your comment, if you have never been in the HFL demos room - worth a visit if nearby.
The speakers were the same distance from the back wall. The fraim stacks are largely centred under the wall print, rather than the room width and the speakers, by virtue of the room layout, leave space to pass to the door leading to another dem room; the widths are not significant.
The photos weren’t taken square on. On previous occasions the same effect has been noted, even while physically in the room, so it is the room that might create the illusion. Set up was I believe, done the day before, so no haste, naturally.
Sounded all good to these worn ears, which is what really matters!

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