300 series Ear audio review


If Richard authorises it.


Thx, few interesting music references too.

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The only thing I discovered within this review is that now ANY speaker cable can be used with the NC power amps. No problem anymore with inductance / capacitance.
Apart that, it’s not really interesting as no comparison is done vs other brands. It’s more an advertisement than a review, as often unfortunately.


More like a specs write out than a review

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Actually on the original NC relaese thread for the 200 series Steve Sells explained this requirement for A5 was outdated and hasn’t been true since the Chrome Bumper days. There was talk of updating the FAQ in the forum too but it seems to have been a topic that was subsequently swept under the carpet. But Steve mentioned they had tested with lengths of 1m to 100m of all manner of cables including high capacitance ones and it is fine. IIRC, Olive is very tolerant of other cables and anything from the DR range onward has no restrictions at all.


Not an advertising at all. It’s exactly what you feel when you hear the first time a full 300 series. Believe me.

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