300 series vs 500 OC , listening and drifting

That’s a long shot. :grinning:

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The 332/300/350 Combo is half the retail price of the 500 Series so I doubt they would do it

Today I had a listen to an NDX 2/332/NC 250 system into Spendor A7s at my dealer’s, and compared this to a 222/300/250 system. The former sounded quite odd / weird and not what I expected. The latter was much more coherent and musical (but perhaps a little less detailed).

Neither of us were sure why this was though, as on paper the former ought to wipe the floor with the latter. However, we didn’t listen to the former for that long, so I wouldn’t take this as gospel, and a more thorough assessment as to why this was so would be needed. Odd though.

Unfortunately (for me!) removing the 300 from the 222 did take away some of the magic. It sounded less dynamic and realistic, although still a sweet sound. Pity I can’t afford all 3 boxes right now.

Next step will be a home demo of the 222/250 with my speakers. Maybe with the 300 too, it all depends on SWMBO.

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Strange indeed. Does the NPX300 PS have that much effect?

My dealer hinted that there as a loss of synergy when mixing and matching NC and classic. Not heard such a combination but maybe that was the issue?

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Interesting. Using my current setup I was hoping to slide in a NAC332

Like I said, just my dealers hint. Need to listen

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It did in my set-up when I went from 252DR/NC250 to 332/300/NC250. Out of curiosity I removed the 300 and everything just went flat. It made a huge difference on the 332.

It was the first time the 332 was using it’s own power supply so it very well could get much better since it was cold.

I would however, try the 222 or 332 without the NPX300 first because I don’t think you can go back after hearing what it does.

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Yes, that’s exactly how it felt removing the NPX 300 from the NSC 222 - the music seemed flat. I think it’s a case of when adding one you might not notice as much of a difference as removing one.

Maybe they just don’t play nice together?

In a way I was glad to be disappointed since I have now discounted that more expensive upgrade route!

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To my ears in that demo, yes. It was quite noticeable when it was removed. Sadly, I may now need to include the NPX 300 in my ever more expensive upgrade plans.


Before I bought my system (see profile) I had a two week home demo of the complete system. Why are you not able to do the same if you are so curious about the new 300 series. Ok it is stretching it to ask for OC 500 series kit for comparison
I doubt that there are many on here will document such a comparison

The 555 has a big impact but I had my 222/250 for almost a month before bringing it into the mix. I suspect some bias gets into the assessment if your first impression of 222/250 is with a PS and not the other way around. The 222/250 sound great out of the box and get really good after a few days of burning in. It’s not likely I would enjoy going back to the 222/250 now but I suspect my ears would re-adjust after time. It’s interesting to hear the comments on SQ with mixed OC/NC systems.

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Good idea Mtuttleb, but it won’t happen . I just ordered the new Nap 250 2 weeks ago.
I am curious, not desiring to buy a 500 series or new 300 series.
Will go probably next, if funds, to Nd555 second hand.

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This is strange. I had no problem going from 252 to 332 but with a 555 and 2 ps. Of course I do not know what putting a ps on the 332 will bring. When funds permit I will checkout the 350s.

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My local Naim rep kindly set up in his store, the 300 series with the Sonus Faber Amatis I have in my nds/552/500dr system. Lots of acoustic treatment in a room same width but half the length as that at home.
Playlist a mix of jazz, classical, vocal and rock through Tidal. (Qobuz at home). Used ipad noise meter to set equivalent volumes (about 70db) at home and in the store. Distance/position from the speakers in both locations identical. At home I use an Innuos Zen mk3 as a streamer with the ethernet workaround into the nds. In short, as close to an apples to apples comparison as practical.

Returned home to play the same playlist. Afraid the 300 set up is not in the same postal code. By any measure; soundstage, realism, transients, prat….there is a significant gap between the new 300s and the old steam powered 500 classics. If the differential between the statement series and the 500s is similar, I might have to save my pennies.


Beautiful speakers and the view outside your window isn’t too bad either.

Finally we are getting some impressions between the 300 and 500 series. Thanks for your feedback

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This is an interesting finding, but you have probably worked to tune the SQ of your home system to your taste and to the room and your electrical environment for years, whereas the dealer changes her set up frequently.


Interesting to hear as that’s with an NDS and single power supply too. Suggests there may be further still to go with an ND555 and dual power supplies. I suppose it’s only to be expected given the cost differential between 300 and 500 series.

Out of interest, where any power supplies used in the 300 series demo and on which unit if not both ?

I also tend to agree with what you have said.
A treated room like the dealer has can easily work both way’s as what’s good for one is not always good for another.
But it does give a bit off an insight but it’s also not a true comparison.
A bit like drinking a cold beer on a dark Winter’s night on your patio compared to drinking the same cold beer sitting on a lovely beach in the sun, you will be certainly enjoying the same beer very differently.