300 Series

I know the 300 Series is designed in Salisbury. But, is it only built in Salisbury, or is it also built in the EU (Slovakia)?

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That makes no sense. I doubt if there is any Naim product without a Chinese component in it.

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right, but it’s of no concern to the OP and anybody else.
It’s brand localization and ownership

Lots of the iron and copper may well come from Australia. Plastics may well come from PRC, but the oil or gas that made the plastic probably doesn’t. Can we all agree that getting too specific about ‘country of origin’ is tricky?


Even if it is assembled in Slovakia every piece of kit is tested at Naim HQ, no doubt after passing testing in Slovakia.


It seems to be a sensitive issue. Sorry I was just curious. I myself have two Mu-so Qb2 that I am super happy with. If I remember correctly they are designed in Salisbury and made in China.

Yes, that’s one way of looking at it… Another way of looking at it is that it’s none of your business if anyone wants to know where the manufacturing takes place.


To answer the question, I believe that the 300 series is built in Salisbury.

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The Muso “lifestyle” junk is built abroad but the real Naim stuff is still built in Salisbury.

Thread starting off well……should be a good ride.


What do you mean? I think the Mu-so is a fantastic all in one system. I’ve been very satisfied with my two Mu-So Qb2 for a couple of years.


It’s also inaccurate.

Lifestyle junk indeed. What a load of elitist bollocks. Of course all the ‘proper stuff’ is made in Salisbury. Other than the stuff made in Slovakia of course.


A young man in Salisbury once decided to make some rather nice hi-if. Then someone decided, why not make some in Slovakia, others said why not Slovenia. Some just said bye-bye if my hi-fi is not from Salisbury.

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please do not decontextualize , I was answering to bruss
none of your business, thanks .

I asked someone what I think is a decent question. If the 300 Series is manufactured only in Salisbury or also Slovakia. But I recieved what I consider the most obysmal answers. Is this question to sensitive that Naim does not want to answer it. Should I pay a small fortune for one or more products in the 300 Series I believe it’s my right to know where it is manufactured. Only a year ago, advertisiments in hi-fi magazines in my country highlighted that Naim were handmade in Salisbury. @Richard.Dane may be able to provide an answer to this question. Thank’s in advance!


I don’t believe all the answers on your questions above represent Naim’s.

I agree consumers have rights to know where a product is manufacturedo, regardless whether it’s going to influence their decission into buying or not buying.

I think the Muso is one the best things Naim has produced. I love it - junk indeed!


Your rights extend to what the law requires on the labelling, which is what Naim will be complying with. Anything else is simply a wish.

Do remember that Naim ship the parts to Slovakia, where they are assembled. They are then returned to Salisbury, where they are tested in the usual way. The Slovakia arrangement was entered into because the capacity at the Salisbury factory was insufficient. Possibly, when and if demand dies down after the initial hump, all manufacturing could return to Salisbury. The alternative was to have massive delays and lots of frustrated customers.