300 vs 300DR combined with SBL/SL2

Good morning everyone

I know that this topic has been discussed several times but I would need your opinion focused on my context.

I currently have NDS/SC(nonDR)/252/300(nonDR)/SBLMKII

I have the opportunity to trade in my 300 for a much newer 300DR, which will initially work with SBLs but I’m already scheduled to purchase some fantastic SL2s in September.

From what I see in the various topics it would seem that the 300DR should be brighter and brighter than the 300. In my case I fear that this might not be an improvement as the SBL (and then the SL2) are already quite bright.

The questions I would like to ask you are:

  • by taking the 300DR do I risk making the sound too bright and shrill with my SBL/SL2?
  • at the moment I have no possibility of converting the SC into DR. Could this be a problem if the 300 becomes DR?

I don’t intend to change the current speakers except for the SL2s.

So the focus is: 300DR yes or no?

Thanks a lot to everyone

I have always had DR SC with my 252, and I went from 250DR to 300DR, so I cannot make the comparisons that might be helpful. However, I can say that with SL2s and 252/SCDR/300DR the sound is certainly not bright or shrill - rather detailed, clear, well articulated bass, musical and not fatiguing. You don’t mention sources and this is with CD555/555PS DR and a well set up LP12.

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I currently have NDS/SC(nonDR)/252/300(nonDR)/SBLMKII

Perhaps these are the question you have to ask yourself.

  • Is all servicing fairly up to date?
  • What weakness. or issue am I trying to address?
  • Proceed with caution unless you can audition first
  • Any powerlines or Naim Fraim in your system?
  • Search on the forum for those who have posted re similar upgrades - doubtless there will be lots, so consider wisely
  • Philosophy has often been source first - at a minimum service 252 (if nec) then upgrade SC to SCDR - if you like 252, then give it the likely better PS
  • NDS might benefit from DR PS - choice of two
  • If you start on DR route - strongly consider that you may need to complete the journey; ymmv
  • If budget is limited, consider wisely, perhaps rather than single items!
  • It all comes back to audition - for your ears, rather than what we might propose

What is powering the NDS?

XPS (non DR)

In that case, forget the 300DR and get yourself a 555PSDR for the NDS. It will make far, far more of a difference.


I’d echo the advice from @HungryHalibut .

An NDS powered by an XPS only gives you a glimpse of what the NDS can do.

I moved from an NDX/XPS DR to NDS/XPS DR and the difference was significant. Changing the XPS DR for a 555DR was an even larger improvement.

I share all your considerations.

I know well the importance of always giving priority to the source and then to everything else

The theme is that now I have the opportunity (with a limited budget) to be able to change my 300 for a DR.

The only doubt I have is whether a 300DR would be too bright paired with the SBLs

I would be very surprised if the 300DR is too bright but of course much depends on the room. I run a 300DR with Kudos 606. I would say that the 300 DR has more body than the 250DR I would not describe the overall balance as bright. That probably doesn’t help enormously but it may provide some context. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised that you find the SBLs bright. I had them before the SL2s and have found neither bright, although this could be room dependent - they were both in the same room.

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Are you looking to upgrade the rest of your kit in due course?

A 300DR will be better, newer than the 300. So if the deal is good go for it.

A 555PSDR on NDS will takes things further.

Sometimes deals have to be done and changes gradually are way to go.

I run a 52 with Supercap 2 with 500DR and it works brilliantly.

Obviously if you get a Supercap DR and a 555PSDR at aome point you will have it all!

I have a 300 into SL2 which I got the DPR upgrade for and certainly I did not notice any added brightness. I don’t know where you’re getting this information from.

If your 300 is due with service and you can get a DR for perhaps under the cost of a service go for it.


Thanks everyone for the feedback.

Certainly the bright sound that I perceive also depends on the room (as it should be because each environment has its own characteristics).

Unfortunately, there is very little I can do about this aspect because the system is in the living room where we all live and my wife doesn’t allow me to do any acoustic treatment. So I have to live with it.

My plan is definitely to switch everything to DR if I get the chance.

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I ran my SL2’s with a 300, which I then had upgraded to DR spec. I found both fantastic, although the 300DR was slightly preferable (stronger bass, a little more lively sound).

I’ve got an untreated room with lots of reflective surfaces (polished wooden floors, lots of glass), and I’ve not found brightness to be an issue at all.

My configuration was used with both a 252 and then a 552.


I have mulled this over on occasion as I have an original 300 that is now 20 years old. I have heard the DR many times at my dealers but not at home. It always came over a bit bright and analytical to me. Enough to keep (and service) my 300 and not ‘upgrade’. I would look at a 555 as others have said. That’s what I did!

Have to disagree, my experience of a 300DR was that it wasn’t brighter than the 300 that preceded it. It was however a much better amp. I was very pleased with the upgrade and wouldn’t hesitate if I were in the same position as you.

When these things crop up, take advantage.

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I remain utterly in love with what 300DR brought, which included a complete cessation of niggles I’d had with the 250DR.

And thankfully so, cos moving up into the obvious 500 territory is just way beyond my wallet.

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How very dare you lol! With SBLs I think the original 300 is a match made in heaven.

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Of course! I remember when I got my 300, I thought things had become “serious”; the 250s before it were always good but the 300 was a really big step up.

It’s just that …. well, the DR upgrade took it a lot further. I could have stayed there quite happily had I not finally home demoed a 500DR.

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